I have a broken drill , we will try to find out what the problem is, You will see how we take this drill apart en check out the components and parts.

  1. first of all we will check the power.
    • first of all we will check the power.

    • plug your drill into a power outlet and try it.

    • If the machine wants to start but immediately shuts down , there is a chance the brushes needs to be replaced.

    • If no power comes up ( like mine) you have to check the power cord first

  2. remove the 2 flathead/ torx screws holding the plastic frame at the bottom.
    • remove the 2 flathead/ torx screws holding the plastic frame at the bottom.

    • remove the flathead/torx screw at the upper side of the frame.

    • slide the frame to the right.

    • check the brown and blue wire with a multimeter.

    • put the red probe from the multimeter on the brown cable and ( copper head)and the black probe of the multimeter on the blue wire ( copper head)

    • if you measure 230 V it should be ok ( in Europe it is 230 V.. i think in the US it would be 110V ...)

    • be sure you put the multimeter in AC V mode and not in DC.

    • Remove power cable by removing the 2 flathead/torx screws.

    • be gently and careful with the condensator. ( yellow "briwk" with the 2 black small wires.

    • remove the 2 small screws holding the brown and blue powerwires.

    • check fot bad connections. ( in this case you will see one bad connection from the condensator )

    • pull out the switch to check the connections and measure out the switch.

    • how more powerfull the motor , the more likely a bad switch is.

    • when reasemble the switch/machine : under the switch there is a plastic pin , that has to fit in a gap from the "forward, reverse) switch

    • remove the 2 swal torx (t9) screws , holding the brush head.

    • when replacing : push the brush in the head ; click the wire on the right place and put it back. sometimes you will need to push the brush in place.

    • remove 1 torx ('t9) screw to remove the brush head.

    • Insert wisdom here.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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