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The boot circuit can be regarded as logic board trigger circuit. To have the phone turned on, working conditions like power supply, clock signal and reset signal are indispensable. What’s more, CPU has to get key components into power-on self-test process and get the bootstrap imported. Since there are so many components involved in the process, reasons for won’t turn on of the phone can also be various.

Video Overview

  1. U1000, CPU
    • U1000, CPU

    • This chip is the most important chip on the motherboard. As the central processing unit, It works just like our brain to control every part of our body. So it is responsible for overall control of the phone.

  2. U2700, PMU
    • U2700, PMU

    • PMU here means power management unit. It works just like our heart to keep providing power energy to other components. It provides power supply for working of the boot circuit.

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    Manta Driver Kit

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  4. U2600, NAND. It stores data needed for the boot process.
    • U2600, NAND. It stores data needed for the boot process.

    • U3300, Charging IC. It converts battery power supply into main power supply.

    • J3200, battery connector. It makes possible the connection between the battery and the motherboard.

    • U3100, boost IC. It converts voltage when necessary.

    • For a detailed explanation of the boot circuit, you can check out the video here.


To fully understand the work-flow of the boot circuit, Please check out the video link.

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