Buttons can occasionally come off due to constant use. Some of our products come with an extra button that you can use if a loose button gets lost. We show you how to sew it onto your shirt.

Cut approx. 80 cm of thread from the spool.
  • Cut approx. 80 cm of thread from the spool.

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Double the thread.
  • Double the thread.

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  • Take the looped end of the thread and thread it through the eye of the needle.

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  • Pull the loop through about 20 cm.

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  • if any thread remains from the lost button, cut it off with scissors.

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  • Anchor the thread: starting from the backside of the fabric, poke the needle through the previous needle hole from the original button. Then push the needle back through the fabric, right next to where it came out. Slide the needle through the looped end of the thread and pull taught.

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  • Sew on the button: push the needle back through to the outside of the garment, again right next to the original stitch. Slide the button onto the thread and continue to sew the button on in a cross-stitch pattern entering the fabric just next to the point where the needle came out. Repeat two times.

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  • Bring the needle back to the outside of the fabric and wrap the thread around the button several times to create a “button stem” that will create some distance between the button and the fabric.

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  • Tie off the thread: push the needle through the button stem two times, sew through the fabric to the back and then cut the thread off at the back.

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