After extended use, the battery may not hold its charge anymore. Replacing the battery can solve this issue.

Image 1/3: Use your plastic opening tool pry open a corner of the device, then continue down the side of the device with the tool to completely open the device. Image 2/3: Use your plastic opening tool pry open a corner of the device, then continue down the side of the device with the tool to completely open the device. Image 3/3: Use your plastic opening tool pry open a corner of the device, then continue down the side of the device with the tool to completely open the device.
  • Remove the back cover of the device using a combination of both plastic opening tools.

  • Use your plastic opening tool pry open a corner of the device, then continue down the side of the device with the tool to completely open the device.

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Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • Remove the black tape that is located to the left of the device as well as the clear tape directly below the camera.

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Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • Desolder the red, black, and yellow wires to properly remove the motherboard. Take a look at this guide to learn how to solder and desolder connections.

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Image 1/2: Now carefully lift the battery off the device. Image 2/2: There is double-sided tape that affixes the battery to the device.
  • Using the spudger, carefully remove the battery by lifting up one corner and pushing the spudger underneath the battery.

  • Now carefully lift the battery off the device.

  • There is double-sided tape that affixes the battery to the device.

  • Be careful to not puncture the battery. This could be a safety hazard.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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But is a replacement battery available on the open market?? What is the battery voltage?? Is there a model # labeled on the battery??

imagoodag - Reply

If your battery is bad good luck finding a replacement. If you find one please let me know where you found it and how much it costs as hisense doesn't seem to be interested in helping.

timothy mccreery - Reply

I live in north central Illinois..corn country...your article wasn't what I wanted to hear...if I find a source I will get back on here....Larry....e mail

dedduk2000 -

so i'm fixing this tablet for a friend. the battery was all puffed up. on the battery is printed "HX 3098126 | 3.7V 4000mAh | 14.10.05" on the battery circuit board it says "HX-704406-01A-2". doing a search for hisense sero 8 battery, i could only find one for the sero 7 lt which is only 3400 mAh, and i hear the battery life is already bad on these. so i found one that looks like the proper power rating, but two issues.

1. the dimensions are listed as 90 x 60 x 6 mm. i measured my sero 8 battery and it seems to be about twice the size (120 x 90 mm). not sure about the thickness, but i'm worried that half size would be double thick, keeping the case from closing on it.

2. the replacement has only red/black wires, the sero has a yellow wire labelled N, which i figure might be ground, though some people suggest it could be something to do with the thermal sensor (not specific to this tablet). most said it wouldn't charge unless you wired it to either ground, or the black wire.

Lukyan - Reply

i ordered the battery and both issues came up. it was too thick, but i flattened it a bit with a rolling pin action. the case i have is missing a few tabs so it doesn't close all the way anyway. i put the battery vertically on the bottom left side (back view). anywhere else it would press and make an impression mark when using the LCD.

i could not get it to charge. the original had a Yellow wire (N), in addition to the Red and Black. i tried leaving Yellow disconnected and it powered on, but when i plugged in USB it showed a lightning bolt and said Not Charging.

next i tried putting Yellow to Black (Ground). it did not react to USB. so i removed Yellow again and this time it said Charging but it still wasn't.

only thing i can think is to tie the Yellow to Red, but i'm hesitant to damage the board, as it's a customer's tablet. if anyone else has any ideas on how to get this to charge, let me know. i can provide some pics of the circuit board and batteries if needed. thanks very much in advance.

Lukyan -

Save your money and buy a I pad it's a lot better then trying to find parts for sero 8 tablet and way better in the long run

mcepedaontiveros - Reply

UPDATE: BATTERY REPLACEMENT FOUND. Previous issues reported have been solved.

I have successfully replaced the original battery with a battery from

Two issues with the battery:

1. it's a bit too thick, flatten it a bit (as much as possible to avoid "watermarks" from pressure on the LCD). the best placement is as far to the bottom left as possible (looking at the back, with the device screen facing away from you). try both in the little notch towards the bottom, or to the left more above the notch, where black and red twisted wires run.

2. there's a third wire on original battery, with a contact point on the tablet's motherboard labelled N. the replacement battery has only two wires, but powers the device with yellow N disconnected. i had to connect yellow N to black ground wire to get tablet to charge the battery. (i bridged the contact points). originally i did not think it was charging but after fixing my connections and giving it some time it definitely was working fine.

Lukyan - Reply

any one knows were i can find a battery replacement????? plz!!

cisnerosjerry - Reply

@cisnerosjerry i found the on amazon for $16 plus shipping

the link is below

stephen adkins - Reply

What is the name of that black tape someone please help me I can't find it

Galaxy Death - Reply

Don't know if you found your answer but it is called black acetate clothe tape

carol burge -

What do u use to flatten the battery?

carol burge - Reply

i forget what i used before, but i'm sure a rolling pin, or similar cylinder-type object would work well. i'm not too sure how safe that is actually, but from what i understand the LI-Ion Polymer is designed to be pliable. i would take very much care not to puncture or damage the covering for sure. perhaps someone else can give some advice regarding the safety of doing this.

Lukyan -

Thank you for answering my question and yea I'd be afraid to do that

carol burge - Reply

I ordered a replacement battery from Amazon as suggested by one of the comments, followed the instructions and installed it. Battery has 3 leads, soldered them separately. So far it charges without any problem, tablet works fine. Perhaps this is a different battery, but so far I haven't found any of the problems others complained about.

al743 - Reply

The replacement from Amazon arrived today, it is smaller than the original, just as long but not as wide. I will attempt the replacement later, I have to dig out my soldering iron.

don - Reply

The replacement went fine. The Amazon batter is physically smaller than the original, but the same specs. Ideally I would like to have found a 5000 or 6000 mah battery that fit. In the week since I did it the battery is working great.

don - Reply

The amazon battery is 'currently unavailable'.

3rd April 2017

David - Reply

Can anyone think of a reason why, after removing the battery, I can't just wire a couple of LiPo cells (at 3.7 Volt) to the solder points on the tablet board ?

Obviously the back cover won't go on with this set up, but the tablet is staying on my desk so that won't matter.

It's just that yellow lead that has me a bit worried.


David - Reply


Just run some voltage checks on my tablet.

Red to Black = 4 Volt DC

Black to yellow = 0 Volt

Yellow to red = 4 Volt.

The battery as been recently charged (as far as it will go, 16%) so that will possibly account for the slight over voltage.


3rd April 2017

David - Reply

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