HTC One X is also known as S720E.

How to disassemble the phone and change the LCD Display & Touchscreen / Digitizer (the complete spare part).

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  1. Switch-off the phone (if you can).
    • Switch-off the phone (if you can).

    • Remove the SIM tray.

    • The back cover is sticked to the phone with adhesive tape. Is good to use some hot air to do removing of the back cover easier.

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  2. Start opening from the bottom side.
    • Start opening from the bottom side.

    • For separating the back cover, use only plastic tools.

    Be careful around the bottom corners and edges, that you don't put your guitar pick in to deep and break a pin off the logic board.

    Josh Ginsberg - Reply

    There are 3 types of screens! Sony, Sharp and AUO (or something). Look at the color of the flexwire before you order or install. I made the mistake and burned the backlight coil.

    35i - Reply

    hi. which flexwire to whach?

    dkdanniell -

    • The mother board is held by 6x Philips screws.

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    • Disconnect one by one:

      • the Touchscreen flex cable

      • the Volume buttons & Mic flex cable

      • the Dock connector flex cable

    • Use a plastic tool to unstick the battery.

    • Be careful, there are flex cables under the battery. At the last picture in this step you can see the cables and the place were is adhesive tape.

    • Now you can separate the Dock flex cable.

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    • Lift the motherboard slightly to disconnect two flex cables:

      • the LCD Display flex cable

      • the Navigation buttons flex cable

    • Disconnect the Power On button flex cable at the upper side of the phone

    • Now the mainboard and the battery are free.

    • Disconnect the battery from the mainboard.

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    • At the beginning you can use a cutter to make a room for the plastic tool.

    • During the procedure of the separating the LCD Display & Touchscreen from the frame, you can use again hot air. This will make separating more easy.

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    • The original adhesive tape is left on the frame, but I prefer to put new. I put it onto the original.

    • Gently assemble the screen to the frame.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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