If your HP Pavilion DV5T-1000 laptop has a faulty hard drive, this guide will take you step-by-step in removing and replacing the original hard drive.

    • Make sure the laptop is turned off, and the power cable is removed.

    • Leaving the laptop turned on can cause damage to the hardware and any stored data.

  1. Turn the laptop over to access the backside of the computer.
    • Turn the laptop over to access the backside of the computer.

    • Identify and confirm that the laptop is an HP Pavilion DV5T-1000.

    • Slide the battery lock to the left, it's located just below the battery compartment.

    • Pull the battery up and out, to remove it from the battery compartment.

    • To prevent hardware damage, remove the battery before working on the laptop.

    • Identify the hard drive compartment, located at the top left-hand frame of the laptop.

    • In order to remove the hard drive compartment cover, first remove the two screws located on the panel, using a size 0 Phillips head screwdriver.

    • Expose the hard drive by lifting the drive cover.

    • In order to loosen the hard drive from the motherboard, tug gently on the black tabs located at both ends of the hard drive.

    • Be cautious when handling the cable that connects the hard drive to the computer's motherboard.

    • Firmly hold both the black plug, and the hard drive itself to separate the drive from the cable.

    • Remove the 4 screws using a size 0 Phillips head screwdriver.

    • Remove the metal from the perimeter of the hard drive.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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