If your display has dark spots, non responsive to touches, only showing black, and needs to be replaced. Then this is the guide for you. In order to remove the display, you will need the blue opening tool and the suction cup.

Flip the laptop over to expose the underside.
  • Flip the laptop over to expose the underside.

  • Remove the two grip pads with blue plastic opening tool by inserting the tool between the laptop and the pads and slowly lifting up.

  • The grip pads are tacky, remove slowly to avoid separating the adhesive.

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Remove the two 8 mm Phillips Head screws that were under the grip pads using a Phillip's Head 1 Screwdriver.
  • Remove the two 8 mm Phillips Head screws that were under the grip pads using a Phillip's Head 1 Screwdriver.

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  • Remove the six 5 mm Torx screws using a T5 Torx Screwdriver.

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  • Use the nylon spudger to pop off the bottom cover by inserting it into the heat vent and twisting to the left or right.

  • You may hear a slight clicking or popping, but that is normal.

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  • Use the Phillips Head 1 Screwdriver to remove the six 4 mm screws.

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  • Disconnect the battery port from the motherboard by gently lifting it on both sides with the plastic opening tool.

  • Lift up the port with the tool.

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  • Lift the battery out of the laptop with your hands.

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  • Click the back cover on so none of the internal components are damaged during the following steps.

  • Open the display, so it is flat and the screen is facing up.

  • Put the suction cup in the middle of the screen.

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  • Wedge the small plastic opening tool between the frame and the screen and pry it open by lifting up.

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  • Slide the tool around the edge of the frame while pulling on the suction cup.

  • Popping sounds are ok.

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  • Take the suction cup off before laying the screen on the keyboard.

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  • Remove the grey tape covering the wires by pulling on the tab slowly (located at the bottom of the display.

  • Detach the grey tape and the clear tape by wedging the small blue opening tool under the tape enough to raise a corner and pull the tape off with your hand.

  • Remove the tape slowly to avoid separating the adhesive.

  • Do this for both pieces of tape that cover wires.

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  • For the round cable underneath the smaller of the two pieces of tape, remove the cable by sliding it backwards.

  • Remove the other cable by pulling on the tape downwards and backwards.

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  • Lift the screen up with your hands.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thank you for this. I was getting REAL nervous as I got to the bottom portion of the screen. It really looks like the bottom is a separate panel (with screws under it) - Your photos assured me that it was not, so I gave it a little more and she came right off. Excellent work and photos!

[Only edit would be, no need to take the battery out, just disconnect]

Kyle B - Reply

Where can I get the screen to buy online please, I am from Africa

aholylier - Reply

Amazon or Ebay work. Just be sure your getting a screen with the proper resolution. You can inspect the connector to see what one you have if you dont know (the pin configuration is slightly diferent)

Kyle B - Reply

do you know the part number of the display for this laptop?

Debbie Endara - Reply

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