This guide will walk you through the process of replacing a broken or dead screen in the HP Envy TouchSmart m7 k010dx.

Turn your computer over so that the bottom is facing up.
  • Turn your computer over so that the bottom is facing up.

  • Slide the left black switch towards center.

  • You should see an unlock image exposed to the left of switch if done correctly.

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Slide the right black switch towards center to release the battery.
  • Slide the right black switch towards center to release the battery.

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  • Pivot the loose edge of the battery closes to you by pushing it toward the back of the computer.

  • The battery should slide out freely.

  • If battery is not pivoted before sliding out, you risk breaking interlocking tabs on the battery or computer.

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  • With the computer turned over use a nylon spudger to pry the rectangular pads off to reveal two hidden screws.

  • Using a Phillips head #0 driver, remove the screw that is under the rubber pad as well as the other holding down the black corner plastic piece.

  • Repeat for other side.

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  • Use a plastic opening tool to pop the corners off by wedging between casing. Do this for both legs as depicted in the picture.

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  • Remove the screw near the center of the computer closest to the Beats logo.

  • Use your fingernails to pull out the optical drive. It will have some resistance to start, but will come out easily afterwards.

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  • Using a JIS #000 screwdriver, remove the two screws that were revealed when the optical drive was removed.

  • Use a Phillips #0 driver to remove all screws that are visible on the bottom.

  • There is an oval tab near the center of the laptop, use a nylon spudger to wedge it free to reveal another Phillips #0 screw.

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  • Open up the laptop and set it down normally.

  • Use a credit card or spudger to wedge between the top and bottom keyboard casing.

  • Slide the card all the way around the laptop, making sure to pop free all tabs.

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  • Place the computer on the backside of the screen, so that the bottom of it is pointing up into the air.

    • You may want to place a rag over the screen so that if the front panel touches it while being removed, no damage is caused.

  • Carefully begin to separate the top case from the bottom case, as if you are opening it like a book from the edge nearest the touch pad.

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  • The two panels are connected with 4 flexible electrical ribbon strips. Begin by removing the two strips nearest to the opening.

  • The ribbon strips have a locking tab that will need to be disengaged prior to removal. Picture 3 shows the tab unlocked

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  • With the two panels now separated, you can see the other two strips towards the back of the computer.

  • Once all are unplugged, carefully remove the top case.

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  • Begin by disengaging the tab on the upper left corner of the motherboard. Disconnect the plug that is to the left of the tab.

  • You can disengage the tabs as before with your fingers or use a pair of tweezers as shown in the photo.

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  • Using tweezers or pliers, gently remove the two cables connected to the WLAN module.

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  • Using a Phillips #0 driver, remove the screws holding the hinges in place.

  • On the left hinge, there is a screw that does not appear to belong to hinge but is (circled in picture).

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  • Remove the screen by pulling it forward from the casing. This allows the hinges to clear the casing.

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  • Use a plastic opening tool along the gap between the screen and the back panel to separate the two pieces.

  • When sliding with plastic opening tool, be careful around the webcam location to prevent damage.

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  • Carefully separate the display unit from its back panel.

  • There is glue between the two pieces, make sure you move slowly.

  • Flip the display unit over. Slowly remove the output cable from clips holding it in place.

  • To remove the two strip running to top of display simply lift to loosen the tack glue holding them in place.

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  • Use the spudger or your finger to remove the tape on the output connection.

  • Slowly and carefully pull the cable out from the connection.

  • Permanent damage can be caused on your computer if you pull the cable too hard.

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  • To remove the screen from its bezel there are a total of 4 screws. 2 on left and 2 on right of the display unit.

  • Use a Phillips #0 driver to remove the screws.

  • The display unit can now be taken out freely.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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