This guide details how to replace the motherboard on an HP 15-d076nr. If your laptop suffered liquid damage and is not working properly, the motherboard could be fried. This may be the guide for you.

  1. Orient the laptop upside down so that the back of the laptop, where the battery is located, faces you.
    • Orient the laptop upside down so that the back of the laptop, where the battery is located, faces you.

    • Locate the left and right switches at the bottom of the laptop.

  2. Move the right switch to the left so that the orange unlock symbol is showing.
    • Move the right switch to the left so that the orange unlock symbol is showing.

    • Move the left switch to the right, covering the battery symbol, and hold.

    • While holding the left switch in place, slide the battery towards you and away from the laptop.

    • Re-orient the laptop, so that the back of the laptop faces away from you.

    • Locate the small screw on the panel at the center of the laptop.

    • Loosen the small screw using a Philips # 1 screwdriver.

    • The screw does not come free from the panel. It only needs to be loosened enough so that the panel can be lifted/pried.

    • Carefully pry the middle panel up using a plastic spudger, or other prying tool .

    • Pull the panel away from the laptop and set it off to the side.

    • Gently wiggle and lift the black antenna wire away from the wireless card.

    • If there is also a white wire attached, both black and white wires will need to be removed from the wireless card.

    • Locate the Phillips 2.0x3.0mm screw on the upper left corner of the wireless card.

    • Carefully remove the 2.0x3.0mm screw using a Philips #0 screwdriver.

    • Slide the wireless card to the left to remove it from the socket.

    • Locate the RAM in the exposed area.

    • Locate the latches on the RAM.

    • Slide the latches away from the RAM using a plastic spudger.

    • The RAM might spring out.

    • Remove the RAM.

    • Locate the ribbon cables.

    • Pry up the black tabs on the connectors and disconnect both of the ribbon cables.

    • Locate the DVD drive screw.

    • Remove the Phillips PM2.5×6.5 screw using a Phillips #0 screwdriver.

    • Continue using a Phillips #0 screwdriver for the rest of this guide, and subsequent guides.

    • Take the screw and place it in a container so as to not lose it.

    • Push down the tab that is located by the DVD drive screw.

    • Take the DVD drive in one hand, and using the plastic spludger, push the tab down, and out.

    • Remove the fourteen Phillips PM2.5×6.0 screws, and place them in a separate container.

    • Flip the laptop over, and open it as if you were using it.

    • Gently, remove the laptop cover/keyboard from the laptop using the plastic spudger.

    • When you remove the cover/keyboard, the laptop will become top heavy.

    • Disconnect the monitor cable, using the plastic spudger, and pry it upwards.

    • Pull the cable from its routing until it is free.

    • Lift the black tabs, and disconnect the three ribbon cables.

    • Disconnect the red-black-white speaker cable located in the lower left corner.

    • Remove the three Phillips PM2.5×4.0 screws on the card reader in the bottom left corner.

    • Place the screws in a separate container.

    • Remove the card reader.

    • Remove the five Phillips PM2.5×5.0 screws on the motherboard.

    • Remove the Phillips PM2.5×5.0 screw located on the fan, in the upper right corner.

    • Carefully lift up the motherboard.

    • Do not completely remove the motherboard. Simply lift it. There is a black cable on the bottom of the motherboard that is anchoring it.

    • Locate the cable on the underside of the motherboard, in its lower right corner.

    • Carefully grip the cable, and pull downward to remove it.

    • Flip the motherboard over.

    • Locate the charge port cable connection point on the motherboard.

    • Grab the charge port cable's connector, and wiggle it to remove it.

    • Set the board off to the side.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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