This guide will give step by step instructions on how to remove and replace an existing battery in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5.

Place the plastic opening tool into the SD card slot or charge port.
  • Place the plastic opening tool into the SD card slot or charge port.

  • Try in an upward motion until you see a separation between the tablet and back cover.

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Work around the entire device by sliding the plastic opening tool around the rim.
  • Work around the entire device by sliding the plastic opening tool around the rim.

  • If this is the first time, it will be hard to separate the back cover from the tablet.

  • The clips are approximately 5 cm apart. While working around the device, the clips will make a dislocating sound when disconnected.

It is not necessary to remove just the white part under penalty of breaking the pins, it is necessary to remove the back with the colored outline of the tablet

paquito - Reply

  • Remove the back cover once all links have been separated.

  • Be careful when touching any of the internal components of the tablet.

This is the wrong method to open it! You have to open it beetween the front-Display and the golden rim.

agnuz6569 - Reply

  • Using tweezers, peel back the green tape from the ZIF connectors on the two black ribbon cables.

  • Use a plastic opening tool to lift up the plastic clips on the ZIF connectors.

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  • Remove the six 2mm screws Phillips #000 screws surrounding the battery.

6 screws or 4? I only see 4 screws on my tablet, the same ones visible in the photo.

Tom Webb - Reply

  • Place the plastic opening tool between the frame and battery.

  • Move the plastic opening tool in a downward motion, away from the battery to bring the battery out of the device.

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  • Hold the battery and disconnect the plug to remove the battery.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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where is a good place to buy a replacement battery?

brianference - Reply

Artículo muy positivo: pasos muy bien detallados. Me ha resultado fácil la el cambio de batería. Gracias por tu colaboración.

Miguel Ángel - Reply

Bought mine off of ebay

Jerry Belschner - Reply

Great guide! Thanks a lot!

Markus - Reply

I bought a battery but am afraid to do the replacement myself. Where can I take the tablet to have it done?

Barb - Reply

Good guide, my tablet only had 4 screws. Battery connector plug has to be lifted from the board vertically.

As replacement battery had similar manufactures date will have to see if it lasts longer. purchased my replacement from

Kelvin Perry - Reply

Update, suggested battery has lasted a week in standby so strongly recommend at £15 paid

Kelvin Perry -

My battery only had 4 screws also. Should show a bit more on disconnecting the final cable, I could see some people yanking too hard.

Gerald Knauss - Reply

Another side note concerning the final battery cable connection, I could see some people yanking too hard by figuring they had to pull it out of it’s socket. Don’t do that. Just lift the cable straight up at a 90 degree angle (gently), and it will disengage from the socket. I thought it was pushed in, wrong, it connects at an angle, then snaps down into place.

Gerald Knauss - Reply

Hi, switched out battery and charging port. Put everything back together. After the new battery charged, everything is working except the ‘back' and ‘multiwindow’ icons on either side of the button that changes s c reen, takes you back to your home page. What do you think happened, what do I need to look for to fix this when I take my Tab S apart?


ensherrer - Reply

Battery Giant sells, installs and provides excellent service.

I highly recommend them.

James Annessa - Reply

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