This guide will show how to disassemble the Xtreme45 and allow you to access all major parts groupings. If you wish to just disassemble a particular part or section you may want to skip particular steps.

  1. Begin disassembly by removing the small Phillips screws on either side of slide.
    • Begin disassembly by removing the small Phillips screws on either side of slide.

    • Next remove the 1.5mm Hex screw just above the right side Phillips.

  2. Now pull the hammer back.
    • Now pull the hammer back.

    • Now take the back piece shown out of the rear of slide.

    • Now prepare to remove the slide.

    • First loosen the sight screw so the rear sight does not get caught on anything.

    • Next make sure the Hop Up adjustment screw isn't so high that it can prevent the slide from coming off. You may also remove it altogether.

    • Now you can push the slide forward and off the receiver.

    • With the slide removed you can take the spring and spring guide off.

    • Now to remove the valve body.

    • Start by pushing out the pins shown with a punch tool.

    • When the pins are part of the way out you can grab them with pliers.

    • Make sure to remove the pins in the correct direction. If the part of the pin that is sticking is textured then you are doing it correctly. Otherwise start punching the pins the other direction.

    • With the pins removed the valve body can be pulled out.

    • If you wish to further disassemble it you can unscrew the section shown.

    • This can be done by taking a long flat piece of metal and use it like a flat head screw driver. The best way to hold the other half is with a vice. Try to avoid using anything that will leave a mark or bend the metal.

    • Once the cap piece has been removed the following piece can be found inside.

    • To remove the barrel start by removing the following pins.

    • Then simply lift the barrel up and out of body.

    • Be careful not to lose the spring shown.

    • To remove the hop-up and inner barrel from the outer barrel first remove the Phillips screw shown.

    • Once that screw is removed you can slide the hop-up and inner barrel out.

    • The hop-up unit is a clam shell design so by removing the screw at the top the hop up splits into two and grants you access to the bucking and barrel.

    • You can split the hop-up halfs.

    • Make sure that you do not lose the small hop-up nub that fits into a hole in the bucking.

    • You can now remove the bucking from the barrel.

    • To remove the trigger grouping first push out the magazine catch with a punch tool.

    • Then remove the Phillips screw at the back.

    • Now pull out the safety lever once the screw is removed.

    • Now the trigger grouping can be removed from the body and your disassembly is complete.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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