This is a simple tear down & repair tutorial for the Fitbit Charge HR. Illustrated is the replacing of a weak or dead battery.


No parts required.

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  • Inside your Fitbit Charge HR

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  • You'll need some plastic bits to separate the band, plus a torx driver, new battery and a soldering iron.

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  • This repair only works on the Fitbit Charge HR model, not the older Charge without heart rate. The batteries are different.

What is the price of the battary?

Mazen Gammoh - Reply

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  • Start by removing the 4 torx screws

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  • The assembly is briskly snapped into place. You'll need to separate the sides of the housing with a small plastic tool and your finger nail (or two plastics). Be careful, as the housing can fracture with too much force.

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  • Once removed, there are 2 torx screws holding the circuit board in place. Remove these, and carefully pry the board out

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  • The Fitbit is very light, and hard to hold, so I recommend taping the board in place when soldering.

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  • Note: You can permanently damage your device. Be careful with the assembly, and splice one or both wires before removing the old battery to prevent a short. Do not mistake the round buzzer for a battery. It is not !

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  • After replacing the bad battery, plug in the charger for at least 20 minutes. Then remove the charger to confirm you have a working replacement.

i found that the T2 torx screw forks much better and fit more accuratly then the T3.

Rohan Grant-Dawes - Reply

Hi. Would you post the battery make and part number? I'd like to make sure I can get one before dismantling the Fitbit.

Many thanks.

nick - Reply

yeah i need to know this too,please post part number

Amin mirzaei -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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if you have the manual dexterity and intellect to replace the battery on a Fit bit Charge HR, why can't you do it on. "Charge" plain model I have 3 of these with dead batteries?

coljwm - Reply

The battery on the original Fitbit tracker is different than the newer Fitbit HR. If you can find a battery that fits, it would work.

martysummer - Reply

Where can I buy a replacement battery for my charge hr? Fitbit wants me to buy a new Fitbit which is inexcusable since the watch is only 16 months old

Evan - Reply

They sell them on Amazon for $10.95. Has only one review for 2 stars. Trying to decide if I should order one. Caveat emptor!

Scott McKernon -

Can you give me the size of the battery?

Bajmóczy Géza - Reply

Per the teardown guide, Fitbit charge HR Disassembly, the battery is 031420, or 3mm x 14mm x 20mm.

jimcarson -

The batteries Amazon sells have really negative reviews.... Say they don't hold a charge for more than 1 day, some even less... I've had my FitBit for over a year and now the battery is dead and no one knows how to properly replace them. They were designed that way to get you to buy another FitBit... it's how the world works these days.

quench53 - Reply

I followed this guide, and the end result was that the Fitbit powers up, but the display only shows a half-filled bar. It's not the typical battery life bar, but a slimmer one that I've never seen before, and it's always half full, even if I charge overnight. Then, if I try to connect to it with my phone, it fails to connect, and then the Fitbit shows a little exclamation mark in the middle of it.

I've tried restarting it, but the behavior is the same when it restarts. I've also tried setting it up as a replacement band through my phone's app. The phone says it sees it, tries to connect to it, then fails.

This all tells me that

1) the bluetooth is functional, at least enough that other devices can see it, if not actually connect to it.

2) the new battery is connected, because the screen and the bluetooth are getting power.

So, anybody have any idea what happened, and how I can fix it? Did I short it out when I was soldering? Did I fry the board with an ESD? Did I loosen some other connection?

Dan Slauson - Reply

Dan Slauson when researching why my fitbit was losing its charge I came across a gentleman on youtube that was explaining how to fix what sounds like what your fitbit was doing. I cant remember what he called his post but I believe he said he called fitbit customer service and explained his problem, so they talked him thru a factory reset of his fitbit charge HR, and when completing the reset his problem was solved. you can google how to do a factory reset, it doesn't seem difficult, its just a matter of plugging in your charging cable and holding down the button and releasing and repressing it in a certain sequence. I wouldn't suggest calling fitbit and telling them you replaced the battery, since they don't recommend replacing the battery, they may not cooperate in helping you. Google how to do a factory reset on a Charge HR and complete the reset and it may correct your issues. it wont hurt anything to try. Good Luck

Lawrence Wolfe - Reply

HI,I replaced my CHARGE HR battery with a good battery from my old cracked CHARGE HR and it still won't last more then a day,the battery came out of a cracked but good CHARGE HR ,it lasted about 4 days and now I put it in this other one and it last's about a day ???? ANY IDEAS??? THANKS JOE


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