Our chest freezer is located outside and forms condensation inside the lid which freezes. The lid contains wiring for lights and switches and the ice surrounding the wiring harnesses causes trickle-currents which trips GFI breakers.

To repair it requires removing the inside plastic panel from the lid and thawing and removing the soaked fiberglass insulation batting (which just acts as a sponge for condensation).

The plastic panel is held on by push-in retainers which are destroyed by their removal. It is hard to find replacement retainers. AuVeCo makes a wide range of auto retainers and I think I've found the most suitable: AuVeCo #19149 which you can order from Fastenal with their SKU 11120582.

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  • The lid is a steel frame around a solid foam panel. The inside of the lid is a thin plastic molded cover held on with plastic push-in retainers (under the gasket). The plastic cover is too thin to be able to use metal screws as a replacement.

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  • The original retainers (white) and the replacements I found (black). The replacments are AuVeCo #19149: 3/8" head, 7/32" stem width, 5/8" length. Fastenal carries them with SKU 11120582 for a box of 50 (I needed 42).

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  • I removed the old fasteners by cutting the heads off with diagonal side-cutter and pushing the stems into the holes with a blunted nail. I pushed the new fasteners in with the back of a center-punch.

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