The charging port of your device can fail due to hard impact or general fatigue from repeated use. After purchasing a new charging port and following this guide, your device will be ready to work for you again.

Power down your device.
  • Power down your device.

  • Place the small suction cup on a corner of the screen and lightly pull up to expose a seam between the screen and case.

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Insert the plastic opening tool into the seam near the corner of the device.
  • Insert the plastic opening tool into the seam near the corner of the device.

  • Slowly slide the tool around the perimeter of the device, gradually prying up the screen.

    • It is normal to hear snaps as the spring clips holding the screen in place are released.

    • It is also normal to hear adhesive separating, as a small amount is used to help secure the screen.

At the bottom of the pad, it is not spring clip. You can activate the release of the clip at the two hole at the bottom of the pad by sliding a small level inside the rectangular hole - one on each side. There is some tape used to hold the screen as well.

Joe Cheung - Reply

Yes! You have to be careful here because there are slide clips along the bottom of the screen that secure the tablet halves together. You can see small holes in the bottom of the dock connector slits. You have to insert a pointy object, I used a small screwdriver, to slide the latches to the left. If you don't do this step you can damage the tablet and never get the two halves back together securely.

Seamus Nugent Couch - Reply

  • When the screen is free of all spring clips and adhesive, slowly open the device like a clam shell with the hinge being the left hand side of the device.

    • Do not completely separate the screen from the case by more than a few inches, as they are still connected by three orange ribbon cables.

  • Safely place the device back on the table by laying the screen face down.

    • There will be some slight overlapping of the back of the case over the screen.

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  • Disconnect the ribbon cable by placing a plastic opening tool under the black plastic tab that is on the opposite side of the port as the ribbon cable.

  • Pry upward until the black tab moves 90 degrees, and gently pull the ribbon cable out of the port.

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  • Place a plastic opening tool under the black plastic tab on one of the ribbon cable ports.

  • Pry upward until the black tab moves 90 degrees, and gently pull the ribbon cable out of the port.

  • Repeat the previous process to remove the other ribbon cable.

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  • Remove the battery (secured by six screws and a white wire connector) by following the removal portion of this battery replacement guide.

    • The device that we wrote this guide for did not come with a battery, so we cannot include it in our own guide steps.

    • The battery is removed during all repairs to protect against short circuits, shocks, and internal damage to the device.

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  • With a Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove the one 3.8 mm screw in the LED chip. The LED chip is a small green chip (about 1 square centimeter) located at the top center of the device.

  • Gently remove the chip with a pair of precision tweezers by grabbing the chip from one side, being careful not to pinch on a black piece of hardware on the chip.

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  • With precision tweezers, pull back the strip of black tape covering the connection between the button key switch and the motherboard.

  • Disconnect the wires by using precision tweezers to gently pushing the black plug out of the white receptacle.

    • Avoid pulling the black plug out with the tweezers. It is easy for the tweezers to slip and sever the wires to the plug.

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  • Using a Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove six 2.5mm screws on the motherboard.

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  • Disconnect the speaker assembly from the motherboard by using precision tweezers to unplug the white plug from its tan receptacle.

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  • Disengage the right side of the motherboard by gently sliding the audio jack out of the device case.

    • With one hand, gently pull the wall of the device outward. With your other hand, pull the motherboard and audio jack to the inside.

      • Be careful to not snap the motherboard. You may notice some flexing in the motherboard as you pull the audio jack in. Keep this flexing to a minimum.

    • Remove the motherboard by lifting the right side, and sliding the motherboard slightly to the right to free the left edge.

      • Do not completely separate the motherboard from the case, as it is still connected to the case with tape and ribbon cables.

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  • Disengage the camera connections and yellow tape by gently pulling up on the motherboard while holding the yellow tape and camera connections down.

    • You will need to align the camera connections so they re-engage one another during reassembly.

    • A black piece of tape covers the bottom of the motherboard. Do not remove the black tape from the motherboard, only the yellow tape from the black tape.

  • Fold the motherboard toward you 180 degrees and set it down in the middle of the case.

    • In this position, two ribbon cable ports covered by yellow tape should be visible on the motherboard.

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  • With precision tweezers, peel back the yellow tape in the center of the motherboard to expose the ribbon cable to the charging port.

    • Leave the right hand side of the yellow tape attached, as you will need to recover the connection during reassembly.

  • Lift the tan tab on the back of the ribbon cable port upward 90 degrees with a narrow plastic opening tool.

  • Pull the ribbon cable out of the port, freeing it from the motherboard.

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  • With a Philips #00 screwdriver, remove the two 2.5mm screws on the charging receptacle.

  • Remove the charging receptacle and ribbon cable.

    • The ribbon cable and receptacle is considered one piece, and replacement parts are sold as one unit.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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