This guide will show how to replace damaged or dirty carbon brushes in the Dremel MultiPro 395.


No parts required.

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  • Remove the blue caps located on either side of the MultiPro using a 3 mm flathead screwdriver.

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  • Carefully remove the carbon brushes attached at the end of the springs by gently pulling on the springs using your hands.

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  • Carefully insert the new carbon brushes into the location of the old carbon brushes using your hands.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Yeah. And if you've overheated your Dremel to the point where it quits running, the brushes may be melted in place. Disassemble the two halves of the case, and push against the brushes from the inside, using the armature. After they pop free, you'll probably find that your switch has melted as well. Return the whole thing to Dremel, and if they can't fix it cheaply, they'll give you a good deal on an upgrade to a newer model. Cheers!

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