No parts required.

Image 1/1:
  • Remove the 8 small screws.

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Image 1/2: Hard disk. Image 2/2: RAM slots.
  • Remove the other 6 screws.

  • Hard disk.

  • RAM slots.

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Image 1/1:
  • Hard disk - Hitachi 500 GB

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Image 1/1: Carefully detach the bottom cover.
  • The hard disk should have been taken out before this step.

  • Carefully detach the bottom cover.

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Image 1/1:
  • Bottom cover removed

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Image 1/1: Remove al the sticky tape.
  • Remove the 4 screws to detach the battery.

  • Remove al the sticky tape.

  • Carefully disconnect the small power connector by using a tool to push the connector out through the small gap mid-connector. It won't come out all the way, because the battery pack is in its way.

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Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • Samsung 7.4V 45Wh battery.

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Image 1/1:
  • Battery removed.

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Image 1/1: ( 2 screws)
  • Remove Fan with Processor heat sink.

  • ( 2 screws)

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Image 1/1: (3 screws)
  • Remove Fan with Processor heat sink.

  • (3 screws)

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Image 1/1: Remove the screw.
  • Disconnect antenna cables from WiFi card.

  • Remove the screw.

  • Be sure to match the colors when reattaching the cables.

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Image 1/1: Uplift the latch to loose the cable.
  • Remove this screw.

  • Uplift the latch to loose the cable.

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Image 1/1:
  • Remove this screw.

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Image 1/1:
  • Remove this screw.

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Image 1/1:
  • To remove Motherboard, carefully disconnect the cables.

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Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • Motherboard - front and rear

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Image 1/1:
  • Processor fan.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Jose Gustavo Abreu Murta

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Do you know where can i reset the Bios CMOS in that motherboard?

I think there are people who wants to know becose system upgrade is leading to bios ACPI Error.

Thanks for your help

Luis Orland - Reply

No, I do not know where is a reset pin of BIOS.

Try to disconnect NVRAM battery.

Wait 15 minutes and reconnect again.

Jose Gustavo Abreu Murta - Reply

To reset BIOS this NP530U3, only disconnect all power supply (MAIN battery, CMOS battery and power source). And hold press POWER button for 1 min.

warmdk - Reply

I try it but don't work, do you know another way to do this

manhique -


I have seen many screens with model number LTN140AT21-XXX for this laptop. My laptop NP530u4b has a screen LTN140AT21-802. I would like to know if I can use a LTN140AT21-002 screen, or if only is good a screen with number LTN140AT21-8.

thanks for your help.

alex - Reply

Alex, I dont Know if you can use diferent Part Number. It seems like diferent versions of Part Numbers.

But I suggest you to use same Part Number.

Jose Gustavo Abreu Murta - Reply

Do you know where is the 24gb SSD? Thanks

Luiz Gustavo Pereira - Reply

SSD disk is together with Hard disk (inside).

Jose Gustavo Abreu Murta -

My notebook gives the power but doesn't give me display can anyone help me with this problem?

owaisahmed93 - Reply

Same problem of mine. Samsung service tell me that mother board is failled. And is very expensive to replace mother board.

Buy another notebook.

Jose Gustavo Abreu Murta -

Probably the LCD panel failed, or the LCD cable. Try connecting a VGA cable or HDMI to an external monitor, boot your computer, wait until Windows starts, and see if there's anything on the external monitor. If you can see your Windows session, it means the motherboard is fine, the LCD needs to be replaced. Those are easy to find and cheap on eBay

Foo Bar -

if someone is still out there with this 3 year old laptop, could a daring soul try swapping the i5 board (np530u3c) with the a6 or a4 one(np535u3c)?

i am quite confident that upgrading my a4 to an i5 will work.

The external ports are the same, the internal connectors are the same; the speakers, too.

The only thing that might give trouble putting an np530 motherboard in an np535 laptop would be ever so slightly different lcd model and maybe a different wifi adapter( i heard that it was intel centrino for np530u3c and my np535u3c has qualcomm atheros).

the rest is quite identical, unless the i5 version uses synaptics touchpad, which might not work on my elan. Even so, samsung's drivers for the %#*@ thing even have two separate folders for the two touchpad types, so to !&&* with it.

I just want to know if my 130$ worth of broke student money will do anything on it.

Phil's monkey cat - Reply

Hi - funny to see this thread active just as i am looking at it. Sorry to hijack your serious question with a stupid newbie one but could you tell me if it is possible to replace the 24gb SSD? the SSD drive has failed but if possible i would prefer not to replace the whole main hard drive. Having taken the HDD out though i cannot see where the SSD is?

Alex Hemingway -

i think u have a hybrid drive. google is your friend search it

donkervoortjes -

I've been searching everwhere for the answer to the ssd/hdd hybrid question. I have had this question for a long time and no one knows the answer! I couldnt find the ssd or the ram anywhere. I have tried the hdd in another laptop but no sign of the ssd! Finally finding this page I have the solution! Check the picture of the back of the motherboard... there is the onboard ram and also the onboard ssd!!! Thank you very much for putting my mind at rest!

Gazze - Reply

Hi everyone. My hinge broke and with it two cables. A white one and a black one. They both were wrapped together in a thick isolating cables. I thought that it might have been my wifi antenna, but it is still werking. Same as all the other functions. Could anybody tell me what those cables were for? And if i should try to fix it.

Jochem Labots - Reply

those just boost your wifi receiving range.

Vic Anthony Leriorato -

SSD: if you look at the underside of the motherboard (not the side you can see when you remove the back panel, but the one facing the keyboard), you will see a big Sandisk chip containing the 24Gb SSD. Also the motherboard has 4GB of Ram, plus the DDR3 card

Foo Bar - Reply

i forget the bios password; so i remove coin battery connection and reconnect but password not remove. please help me.

Bhagawat - Reply

Question about replacing AMD A6 -motherboard with Intel -motherboard: it can be done. I just replaced my A6-4455M with i3-3217U, and everything works great. If you're running Windows, you might want to reinstall, but since I run Linux on mine, everything worked when I booted it up.

Jarno Se - Reply

hello, do you know how can i replace the termic paste os this laptop? thank you so much!!

juancar - Reply

I can change the my keyboard?

Murilo Gomes - Reply

I can change only my keyboard? Thanks

Murilo Gomes - Reply

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