This procedure determines if the spring needs replacement.

The symptoms of this fault are:
  • The symptoms of this fault are:

  • The printer displays a 'Paper Jam' error, and tells you to remove the rear duplexer, and says that you may need to open the front cover too. When you touch 'OK', nothing happens, unless you open and close the front door.

  • When you open and close the front door and then touch 'OK', the printer mechanism moves a little and then it displays the error again. Occasionally the printer may move through most of a full initialization before stopping again.

  • If you bypass the door close mechanism (place an opaque object in the rectangular slot on the left hand side), you will see that the paper feed rollers are moving a small distance back, the carriage moves to the left slightly, then the feed rollers move forward and stop.

  • Shine a light into the printer, and check over on the far right for a small lever. This lever should slide to the right with gentle pressure, and spring back into position. If it doesn't slide back, try pulling it gently to the left.

  • If you can move the lever back and forth but it doesn't spring, then you need to disassemble your printer and replace this spring.

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If this lever doesn't work as it should, you need to replace the spring.

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