This guide will show you how to remove or replace the optical (CD/DVD) drive in a Dell Studio 1737 laptop. This can also be used to recover a disk stuck in the drive.

Slide the battery release slider all the way to the right and push the battery straight out of the back of the computer
  • Slide the battery release slider all the way to the right and push the battery straight out of the back of the computer

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Unscrew the 8 phillips head screws marked in the photo
  • Unscrew the 8 phillips head screws marked in the photo

  • Even when the screws are fully detached, they will not come out of the panel

  • Use a plastic opening tool to pry the panel away from the laptop body

  • Lift panel up and away

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  • Use a plastic opening tool to detach the internal clips (marked with red boxes in photo) and release the small plastic panel above the keyboard

  • This panel doesn't come off just yet, this step is just to make it easier when it comes time to remove it

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  • Remove the 4mm ph1 screw under the battery

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  • Pry black panel away from laptop body starting at the base of the screen

  • Be careful when flipping the panel over, as the panel is still attached by the fragile ribbon cable

  • Flip the panel over onto the keyboard

  • Detach the ribbon cable from the motherboard as shown

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  • Starting at the top where you just removed the black panel, pry the black bezel away from the outside of the keyboard

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  • Use a small screwdriver to take out the 4 4mm ph1 screws along the top of the keyboard

  • Lift from the top of the keyboard and flip it over onto the palmrest

  • Again, be very careful of the ribbon cable attaching it, as these are easily damaged

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  • Remove the ribbon cable as shown

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  • Remove the 8 8mm ph1 philips head screws (red)

  • Remove also the one 4mm ph 1 philips head screw (blue)

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  • Pull the antenna cables off of the wireless card(s)

  • Depending on the setup of the laptop, there may be as many as 3 wireless cards, and all of the antennas must be detached

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  • Remove the two 4mm ph1 screws along the black panel to which the speakers are attached

  • One of the screws is located under a wire channel and can be difficult to spot, look closely at the photo to make sure you get the right one

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  • Unplug the 6 marked cables from the motherboard

  • The connectors that aren't standard plugs or ribbon cables are detached by simply lifting straight up away from the computer

  • Pull the antenna cables out through the motherboard, free them from their cable channels, and route them in such a way that they don't interfere with the next step

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  • Using a plastic opening tool, pry the palmrest away from the body of the laptop all the way from one hinge to the other, disconnecting all of the internal clips along the way

  • Lift the palmrest up and off of the laptop

  • A small piece of this panel will get caught under the attachment point for the left hinge, just slide the panel slightly to the right to free it

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  • Unscrew the 2mm ph1 screw located in the first photo

  • Flip the laptop over and unscrew the 8mm screw located in the second photo

  • Flip the laptop back over, lift the optical drive up and pull it out

  • The optical drive has a connector on the side facing the motherboard, so when removing the drive, it must be slid out horizontally away from the computer

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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