This guide will take you step-by-step through the process of replacing the motherboard. This may be a necessary process if the component is no longer functioning or as a prerequisite for working on another component such as replacing the RAM module or display assembly.

  1. To prevent injury and loss of data, ensure the device is turned off.
    • To prevent injury and loss of data, ensure the device is turned off.

    • Slide the release latches out toward the edges to unlock the battery.

  2. Remove the battery by pulling it up and out.
    • Remove the battery by pulling it up and out.

    • On the bottom of the laptop locate the removable panel and screw holding it to the body. Loosen the screw and take the cover off.

    • Remove the black and white antenna cable from the wifi adapter by pinching the gold contacts with the tips of your finger, or you can use tweezers, and pull them straight away from the adapter.

    • Unscrew the single 5mm Phillips 0 screw on the top right of the adapter. The adapter should start to angle away from the body of the computer. Once the screw is off completely, pull the adapter out of the data slot.

    • Using a prying tool, gently pry the palm rest off of the palm rest bracket. Start prying from one side and slowly work your way around.

    • Carefully remove the palm rest from the computer base since it is still connected by a cable and to avoid damage to the palm rest.

    • Gently pull the touchpad cable off the palm rest bracket.

    • Lift the rest of the palm rest off the computer base.

    • Remove the three 8mm Philips 0 screws securing the keyboard.

    • Turn over the device and open the display.

    • Gently pry open the keyboard with the plastic opening tool, working under the edges to release the clips.

    • Lift the keyboard off of the support bracket carefully since it is still connected by a ribbon cable.

    • Push the clips out on either side of the ribbon cable to release it.

    • Gently disconnect the ribbon cable by pulling on the clear tab.

    • Remove the keyboard.

    • Close the device and turn over.

    • Remove the five 8mm Phillips 0 screws.

    • Turn the device over and open the display.

    • Remove the single 8mm Phillips 0 screw attaching the hard-drive cage to the body of the device.

    • Pull on the black tab and slide the hard-drive cage toward the USB port on the left side of the device until its comes free and carefully lift out of device.

    • Remove the four 6mm Philips 0 screws securing the bracket.

    • Disconnect the following:

      • Power button cable

      • Speaker cable

      • Power status light cable

      • Bluetooth cable (if installed)

    • Gently pry off the bracket using the prying tool.

    • Remove the following:

      • Two 4mm Phillips screws securing the motherboard

      • AC adapter cable

      • USB and SIM card cable connector

      • Display cable connector

    • Carefully lift the motherboard out.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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