This repair process includes the removal of small pieces from the computer, therefore you should have a place to store all the small removable screws. This will make the repair process quicker and easier.

  1. Turn off notebook
    • Turn off notebook

    • Set the notebook upside down with the battery facing away from you.

    • Locate the unlock and release sliding tabs on the bottom right and left hand corners of the battery respectively.

  2. Slide the right tab to the right to unlock the battery.
    • Slide the right tab to the right to unlock the battery.

    • Slide and hold the the left tab to the left to release the battery from the unit.

    • Finally, remove the battery by sliding it away from the unit and yourself.

    • Locate the four tabs along the top edge of the keyboard.

    • Using the spudger, push the tabs away from the keyboard and pull the keyboard up away from the laptop.

    • Slide the keyboard forward towards the screen to release the bottom tabs.

    • Carefully lift the board up and locate the connecting cable.

    • Gently pull the end of the cable free from the port on the laptop.

    • Locate and remove the 4mm Phillips #00 mounting screw.

    • Push the optical drive from the inside a little bit to dislodge it.

    • Grab the drive with your hand from the outside and slide it free.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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