Remember, turning off your device and removing it from any power source before you start reparations is important for your safety to prevent any electrical shock. Tools included in the reparation include a plastic prying tool and if needed a tweezer to disconnect the cables attached to the keyboard.

Flip the laptop upside down to access the battery.
  • Flip the laptop upside down to access the battery.

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Remove the two black 5.70mm Phillips#0 screws on the case's back.
  • Remove the two black 5.70mm Phillips#0 screws on the case's back.

  • Locate the small slit, centered between the removed screws, which will help open and remove the back cover.

  • Insert a plastic opening tool into the small slit and pry up the back cover.

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  • Locate the battery. It is a large black plastic object that has a grey square with the words "DELL" on it.

  • Treat the battery with care - puncturing or bending may cause damage to the battery and may result as a fire or injury.

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  • Remove the two 5.70mm Phillips #0 screws on the left side that secure the battery in place.

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  • Use the black plastic flap on the left side to pull the battery out.

  • Slowly lift the flap up with the battery and it should slide out smoothly.

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  • Carefully use a plastic opening tool to remove the keyboard.

  • There are five small slits at the top of the keyboard made for it's removal.

  • Once you have gently pryed each slit, slide the keyboard towards the screen at an angle for removal.

  • Be cautious when lifting the keyboard as there are secured fragile wires connected underneath it.

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  • If the keyboard is not lifted with caution, damage to the cables may occur.

  • Gently lift the keyboard and flip it carefully to the mouse-pad.

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  • Locate the two cable connectors. These are connected to the keyboard and the other side is attached to the laptop with a securing flap.

  • To release the cables, take each flap and flip them upwards (unlocking position).

  • Pull both the cables out after unlocking. The keyboard can now be set aside.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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