This guide will show you how to remove your screen so you can replace it.

Flip the computer over.
  • Flip the computer over.

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Remove all nine 5mm Phillips head screws from the back cover using #0 Phillips head.
  • Remove all nine 5mm Phillips head screws from the back cover using #0 Phillips head.

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  • Gently use a spudger to pull the cover away from the rest of the laptop. The cover will come off after you use the tool on two or three sides.

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  • Make sure that the power is off.

  • After taking off the back panel, you will see the battery located at the bottom of the computer system. It's black and is clearly labeled "dell battery".

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  • Locate the battery at the bottom of the computer and remove the four 3mm screws with a Phillips #0 head that hold the battery down.

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  • Remove the Solid State Drive wire from the battery clip by detaching the wire.

  • This can be done by gently pulling the connector away from the battery clip.

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  • Remove the battery from the computer system by gently lifting it from the side.

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  • Unscrew the brackets in the top right and top left of the laptop. Unscrew the two 1mm screw from both of the brackets on both sides with #0 phillips head.

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  • Disconnect the aerial cables from the wireless controller by pulling them away from the laptop.

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  • Push the brackets up on both sides with your hands or spudger.

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  • At this point you can pull the bottom half of the computer away from the screen.

  • The screen is now fully detached and ready to be replaced!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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