The installation of a pressure regulating valve makes the machine much quieter.



Pull the plug!
  • Pull the plug!

  • Remove the drip tray, the water tank and the pulp container.

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The back panel and side panels are attached with six phillips screws PH2. Screw it out.
  • The back panel and side panels are attached with six phillips screws PH2. Screw it out.

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  • Slide the right side panel about 2 cm to the back.

  • Then solve it.

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  • The left side is a bit stuck. Place a plastic opening tool in the gap between the front and left side panel above the opening for the water tank. Lift the gap slightly larger.

  • Then place the tool in the gap between the front and left side panel under the opening for the water tank. Increase the gap and push the side part about 2 cm to the rear.

  • Lift out the left side piece.

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  • Take out the back

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  • The front panel is secured with four PH2 Phillips screws, two left and one right each. Turn it out.

  • Use a plastic opening tool to lever off the steam tap.

  • Carefully pull the front panel about 1 cm forward so that there is a gap between the top cover and the front panel,

  • Do not pull the front panel too far, it is still attached with different hoses and cables.

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  • Two Phillips screws PH2 hold the lid at the back. Turn it out.

  • Lift the lid upwards.

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  • The old safety valve - seen in the first photo already expanded - is screwed on the pump. It is replaced by a combination of safety valve and pressure balance valve. The diaphragm valve dampens the shocks of the pump, making the flow of water quieter and quieter.

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  • Remove the two hoses from the valve. For the thicker hose you have to squeeze the hose clamp with pliers, push it away and you can pull off the hose.

  • With the thinner pressure hose above you have to pull out first a clamp, then the hose comes out easily. There may be a gasket on the hose or it may stick in the valve.

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  • Pull the pump slightly out of the housing in its rubber mount. Place a fork wrench SW 12 on the pump tube.

  • Then turn out the old valve.

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  • Make sure that there is a sealing ring above the thread on the valves, marked yellow in the photo.

  • First screw the safety valve into the pump tube. Do not turn too hard.

  • then screw the pressure regulating valve into the safety valve.

  • Place the two outputs on top of each other.

  • Put the two hoses back on. Also pay attention here to the thinner tube on the sealing ring, if possible, a new one.

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Repeat the steps in order to reassemble your device.

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