The Canon Selphy CP910 is used to print pictures from a camera and WiFi connection. For information regarding troubleshooting issues with the Canon Selphy CP910, go to Canon Selphy CP910 Troubleshooting.

A new ink cartridge will be necessary to replace the old ink cartridge from the Canon Selphy CP910. Click here to purchase a new ink cartridge through Canon's website.

  1. Open the door to the ink cartridge located on the right-hand side of the printer.
    • Open the door to the ink cartridge located on the right-hand side of the printer.

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  2. Lift the brown "eject" button up with your finger.
    • Lift the brown "eject" button up with your finger.

    • Use two fingers to pull out device.

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    Spread the Fixmas cheer.


    Spread the Fixmas cheer.

    • Pull out the empty ink cartridge and exchange it with a new one.

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    • Push in new ink cartridge and close the lid.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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My cp910 keep prompting ink cassette is empty even though I have inserted new ink cassette. I tried two new ink cassette, same error msg.

whooshbe - Reply

me too! i have the same problem

David Divinagracia -

I have the same problem with my CP910???

Willy Vandeputte - Reply

I’ve inserted a new ink cartridge but now the printer won’t pick up the print paper to print the picture! I keep getting the same error message saying “no paper or cassette incorrectly inserted! Now, the new ink cartridge won’t eject either! HELP!

Daniel Simmons - Reply

I have the same problem. Any solution?

pamela - Reply

My ink catridge was tear apart. Should I replace it with the new one? Please help me. I want to use it as soon as possible.

Dell Dilz - Reply

Same problema, ink cartridges empty

Rudy Lynggo - Reply

Same problema, ink cartridges is empty.

I've insert new

Rudy Lynggo - Reply

Any solutions??? me too, it keeps telling me busy, paper sounds like loading, then says to replace ink. I JUST DID, three times

Angela - Reply

so many user complaining the same problem but no 1 from canon could help? come on

angel82lim - Reply

Has anyone found a resolution for this? Having the same challenges

Roxann - Reply

Seems like a major design flaw. I have had the same issue with two different Selphy's. Called Canon support and they just told me it was dead and I needed a new one. They said if it was under warranty I could get it fixed for free. I've only used this for less than 100 sheets of paper in the past 2 years and it's out of warranty so I lose. They did offer to let me have a replacement at a reduced price. When they told me the reduced price I realized it was $20 cheaper at B&H. They then offered to match B and H price. so they really is no reduced-price they're just trying to sell you another printer. I find that very sad from a big company like Canon to not support this. And I do believe this is a widespread issue and they are really not taking responsibility nor fixing it.

George K - Reply

We should do a survey and see how many of us have this problem and make some kind of a formal complaint to Canon to get it fixed

George K - Reply

canon selphy cp900 ink cassette is empty error

Christian Halago - Reply

I have the same problem after trying 2 new cartridges. Bad product. Zach

ZACH De Beer - Reply

im facing the same problem, changed 2 new ink cartridges so far and still getting the same “epmty ink” error !! thats so frustrating !

Fatima Kadi - Reply

I keep getting an error message saying “Ink Cassette is Empty” when I have just inserted a brand new Canon cassette. I spent over $80.00 in ink thinking it was just a bad cassette. Canon needs to address this issue.

ktbakerfb - Reply

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