This guide serves to remove and replace the motherboard.


No parts required.

  1. Remove the knot on the wrist lanyard.
    • Remove the knot on the wrist lanyard.

    • Remove the battery and memory card.

  2. Remove all screws from sides of outer casing.
    • Remove all screws from sides of outer casing.

    • Begin removing the screws on the bottom of the outer casing.

    • Remove the rest of the screws from the outer casing.

    • Gently pull the front cover off the camera.

    • Open the "A/V Out Digital" cover slide, and remove the screw inside.

    • Gently pull off the back casing.

    • Remove the black "L" shaped piece of metal.

    • Remove the three screws that are holding the screen in place and free the screen from the underlying components.

    • Be careful of the ribbon wire that is still attached on the left of the screen.

    • With the spudger, gently lift the black flap that is holding the wide ribbon cable wire in place.

    • Unplug the wide ribbon cable.

    • Unplug the narrow ribbon cable to free the LCD screen from the camera body

    • Remove the screws holding down function set button.

    • Gently pry up the tab with a metal spudger and remove the ribbon cable.

    • Be mindful of the pins as you lift up and remove the function/set button.

    • Remove the screws from the metal plate.

    • Gently remove the metal plate.

    • Lift the tab connecting the ribbon cable and detach.

    • Use a spudger to lift up the ribbon cable tab.

    • Detach the ribbon cable.

    • Gently remove the entire ribbon cable connection to release the ribbon cable from the camera.

    • Unscrew the circuit board from the flash unit.

    • Pry up the ribbon cable connection and remove it from the camera.

    • Lift the ribbon cable tab and completely detach the cable from the camera.

    • Pry up the connection, being mindful of the light adhesive.

    • Remove the last screw holding the motherboard to the main body.

    • Use a spudger to gently lift the motherboard from the camera.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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