Removing the front beauty piece from a Canon AE-1 Camera and removing one screw from the lens coupler, with a little lubricant, a syringe and a blunt needle, you can fix your Canon AE-1's squeaking shutter

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  • Remove the front beauty piece from the camera. The screws are in front below the word "Canon", on the left, on the right and....

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  • on the bottom of the camera. Pull the front piece off the camera and you will be looking at the piece that holds the lens to the camera. While looking at the camera, remove the top left screw on the lens holder. The photos have the lens holder removed. Don't let that mess you up. Take a lubricant of your choice. I used vegetable oil.

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  • Draw a tiny bit of lubricant in the syringe. Insert needle in the hole where the lens holder screw was. Put the needle in the hole a short way and put a tiny bit of lubricant in the hole. The last photo shows the gear you are lubricating with the camera taken apart, you do not have to take your camera that far apart to lubricate the shutter.

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  • Before you put the camera back together, check the shutter. if you have it repaired, it will make a positive "CLICK, CLICK" noise. Because the AE-1 has an electronic shutter, you must ensure the batteries are in your camera before you test it. If it test good, put the screw back in the lens holder and put the beauty piece and 4 screws back. FIXED

You do not have to take it all apart like that.. just take the bottom off and take the syringe and I do not recommend vegetable oil.. that is not good for the camera use a watch lubricant or gun lubricant .. you take the bottom off with a of small JIS screwdriver so you don't strip out the screws. From the front of the camera go into the left side near the down with your lubrication syringe and squirt some oil in there . check to see if squeak is gone and I fix this all the time and I do not have to take off the lens housing to do it nor do I use ugh .. vegetable oil .

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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As the author stated you do not have to completely disassemble the unit to make this repair.

I make a slight bend in the needle so it has a little bit of a hook to it. the gear that gets dry is slightly below the upper wind side lens mount screw hole. With the curved needle you can push the needle in the hole and feel around a bit till you feel the gear move. put just a very tiny drop of oil on that gear. might take a couple tries. better to do very little as to much oil will leak into the mirror box and shutter causing a oil to get on the shutter and focusing screen. Then it will have to be taken to a camera repairman for service.

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