Know your speaker and battery type!

Original Big Blue Party battery has 2 prong connector.

Replacement battery can be purchased here:

Big Blue 360 has three prong connector

Replacement battery can be purchased here:

  1. Come prepared
    • Come prepared

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  2. Use a thin flat screwdriver to pry these out.
    • Use a thin flat screwdriver to pry these out.

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    • Remove the screws.

    • Pull the cover off

    I need to buy the screws for my unit. Can you tell me the type of screws they are? length, size, etc?

    S B - Reply

    • Pull off the tape

    • Remove the battery

    • Use small pliers to unplug battery connector from the circuit board.

    • Carefully guide the wire out from under the circuit board.

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    • 360 has a connector that may prove more difficult to remove

    • Remove circuit board by removing 5 phillips screws.

    • Pull the circuit board back.

    • The connector is glued in place (Why????). I used a thin flat screwdriver blade to carefully scrape the glue off. But you may have to hit it with a heat gun if it doesn't loosen up.

    • Note, that this connector has three prongs. You will need to get a battery specifically made for Big Blue 360.

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    • Insert new battery into compartment

    • Use electrical tape to hold it down

    • Guide the wire under the circuit board to the connector

    • Connect new battery to the circuit board.

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    • Install the bottom cover

    • Secure with the screws

    • Put the rubber plugs back in

    • Turn the speaker on to test it

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    • Complete steps 1 - 4

    • Remove the power button bezel by prying it off with a small flat head screwdriver

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    • Remove 6 screw covers from connector panel. Note that 2 covers in the center are longer than those in the corners.

    • Remove 6 screws holding the connector panel with a small phillips screwdriver.

    • Remove the cover.

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    • There is a wire soldered to the grill on the bottom. You will need to cut or desolder that wire in order to remove the grill

    • Slide the grill off

    • Wear it on you head

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    • Remove 6 phillips screws holding the membrane

    • Pop it out

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    • Remove 4 phillips screws holding the subwoofer in place.

    • Push it out from the back.

    • Unplug it from the amplifier board.

    do you know what kind of subwoofer I could buy to replace this?!

    Nick Sleeper - Reply

    • 4 tweeters are all wired together and soldered to the amplifier board. You will need to cut or desolder the wire if you need to remove them.

    • Remove 4 phillips screws holding the speaker in place.

    • Remove the speaker.

    • Note that the speaker mount has cutouts to provide screw clearance. So they go in only one way.

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    • You can continue the tear down on your own from here. Rest of the screws are exposed and easily accessible.

    • When putting the grill back on, you will need to solder the wire that was disconnected during dissassembly back on.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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The AC plug cover came off on my big blue party. Is it possible to reattach it?

I tried to do it from the outside without disassembling it but no luck.

Thomas Ellengold - Reply

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