If you notice any major damage to your charging port that prevents you from charging your device, you may need to replace your charging port.

  1. Use a spudger to pry the rubber pads off of the bottom panel of the SoundLink.
    • Use a spudger to pry the rubber pads off of the bottom panel of the SoundLink.

    • The rubber pads should have enough adhesive to stick when you reassemble them at the end. If not, however, you may need your own adhesive.

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  2. Remove the two 12.5 mm screws using a Phillips #2 screwdriver.
    • Remove the two 12.5 mm screws using a Phillips #2 screwdriver.

      • These screws may be difficult to remove. If necessary, use a lever for extra torque.

    • Remove the bottom panel.

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    • Flip the rear panel back to allow access to the SoundLink's battery.

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    • Remove the two 12.5 mm Phillips #2 screws from the sides of the battery.

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    • Gently peel back the adhesive padding on either side of the inner back panel.

    • The adhesive for these pads is powerful, but you may require new adhesive if the original begins to fail.

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    • Remove the four 12.5 mm Phillips #2 screws mounting the outer case.

    • Slide off the outer case.

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    • Remove four screws from each of the four speakers (16 screws total) using a Torx #10 screwdriver.

    • All screws (excluding the two middle screws on the right side) are 12.5 mm in length. The aforementioned middle screws are 21 mm.

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    • Remove the two 12.5 mm screws which mount the top panel using a Phillips #2 screwdriver.

    • Now you should be able to lift the top panel off.

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    • Use a metal spudger to pry the device apart. You must use a metal spudger because of the great force necessary to pry it apart.

    • The circuitry for the buttons on the top panel may be found underneath, so use caution not to damage it.

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    • Remove the 12.5 mm screw mounting the motherboard using a Philips #2 screwdriver.

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    • Gently disconnect the three cables connected to the motherboard.

    • Remove the motherboard from the device.

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    • Remove the two 12.5 mm screws on either side of the charging port using a Torx T10 screwdriver.

    where can I get/buy the charging port for a Bose SoundLink III ?

    Maritza Manchester - Reply

    • Gently unplug the cable connecting the charging port.

    • Now the charging port should be fully detached and ready for replacement.

    Great video. I need to change the aux port. Where can I buy one?

    rmorin04 - Reply

    I need to replace my aux port as well… were you able to replace yours? is the charging port and aux on the same piece?

    Alejandro -

    had any luck with the aux port, I also need a new one

    paul - Reply

    were you able to repair yours?

    Alejandro -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hello, This is an excellent resource. One thing, you did not say, or I did not see, where to purchase the actual usb port. Where can I locate one and this would be for a Bose Soundlink II.

Thank you,


James Patrick - Reply

HI, thanks a lot for the instructions, any idea where i acn purchase the charging port full part



Carlos Gallardo - Reply

I would like to know where i can buy the replacement part

Jeroen Knip - Reply

Also would love to know where to purchase the required replacement MicroUSB Port. I'm searching and if I find anything compatible I will contact anyone else who posts to this thread.

Bridgetown Electronics Repair - Reply

Where can you get the part?

Shari - Reply


Excellent step-by-step. Just the same question as the rest please

Aaron Popple - Reply

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