Replace the internal Battery of this device

Remove the battery cover by grabbing the notch under the bottom speakers and lifting.
  • Remove the battery cover by grabbing the notch under the bottom speakers and lifting.

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Remove the SIM card and the Media SD card by pushing on them.
  • Remove the SIM card and the Media SD card by pushing on them.

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  • Locate and unscrew all 10 T5 screws around the back cover

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  • Use Plastic opening tools to separate the LCD from the Main body

  • Do NOT remove the screen yet, it is attached with a very fragile ribbon to the main board.

  • Start on the same side of the Audio Jack

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  • Use a plastic tool to carefully switch up the LCD ribbon holder

  • Detach the LCD from the main board

  • When installing the new LCD, make sure the ribbon is inserted to the white line.

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  • You can now detach the LCD Panel from the main frame.

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  • With a plastic tool, untie the system board by detaching the ribbons attached to it

  • The battery ribbon is on the bottom right

  • Be gentle when detaching these Ribbons as they are very easy to tear and damage.

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  • Be gentle as any other system board ribbons, they are very easy to damage

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  • Power Button /Audio Jack

  • Flash

  • Rear Facing Camera

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  • Once all Ribbons untied, gently wiggle the system board out of the frame

  • Do not pull hard as there might be a ribbon on the way

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  • Use a pair of pliers to remove the rear facing camera

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  • If this is the original battery, it might be hold down by VERY strong adhesive on the top, middle and bottom part. Be careful not to damage the battery

  • As pointed in the comments, be careful about the NFC membrane when removing the battery. Use heat to loosen the glue.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Good guide, but one caveat - when removing the battery, the adhesive is pretty much directly attached to the NFC "plate" (a flexible square membrane with a pair of contacts on the bottom left side of the battery). If you try to extract the battery, you will have difficulty not destroying this membrane. Do not use a wedge - you must slowly remove the battery, preferably using a heat gun to loosen the glue.

Or get a battery already glued into a back plate.

wfines - Reply

Thank you for the detail. I will add a notice about that on the last step.

Hans -

How to change the USB port

Yass Tra - Reply

Thank you !!!

Yass Tra - Reply

OMG! The procedure looks horrible !!

mwlacey - Reply

It’s really not that bad. IPhones are way worst

Hans -

Please I plugged my z30 and battery life just drained up and isn't charging again

olabode philip - Reply

Did you replace the battery?

Hans -

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