In this guide, you will remove the cables and screws from the motherboard. You will also take the Bluetooth antenna out of the speaker.

  1. Using a plastic opening tool, pry the casing from the rest of the device.
    • Using a plastic opening tool, pry the casing from the rest of the device.

      • Pry all the way around the edge and then pull apart.

      • It should be relatively easy, to pull apart. Don't be afraid to apply a necessary force.

  2. Using your thumb, remove the 8 rubber plugs in order to get to the screws.
    • Using your thumb, remove the 8 rubber plugs in order to get to the screws.

      • Simply rub them towards the speakers and they will slide out enough to grip the edge and pull them out.

    • In the picture provided, we labeled four of them on one side of the Beats Pill XL. The other four are symmetrical to these four on the other side of the device.

    • Using a Phillips #2 screwdriver, remove the 8 (10mm maxi-loc Phillips #2) screws that hold the casing together.

    • Pull apart the front casing from the back casing, slowly. Try to avoid any tension on any of the connected cables.

    • Separate at a slow constant force to avoid damage to the ribbon cables.

    • Gently pull on the plastic tab at the base of the ribbon cable to remove it from the motherboard.

    • Never pull the cables by the cord, as this could cause damage to the cables and/or motherboard. Always disconnect the cables from the base by the motherboard.

    • Using your thumb and index finger, pull upwards on the base of the the power cable to remove it from the motherboard.

    • Even though there are two batteries, there is only one cable connecting the two to the motherboard.

    • After completing the guide for removing the case, remove the cables connecting the speakers.

    • Simply pull up on them without pulling on the wires themselves.

    • Set the half of the device containing speakers to the side.

    • Remove all five remaining connectors on the motherboard.

    • Do not remove the Bluetooth antenna in the bottom right corner of the motherboard.

    • Remove the chip for the Bluetooth antenna located to the top right of the motherboard.

    • The other end of this chip is connected to the motherboard via the Bluetooth antenna. Be careful not to tug on that end for any reason.

    • Using a Phillips #2 screwdriver, unscrew the 4 (8mm pan head Phillips #2) screws holding the motherboard onto the case. They are located in the four corners of the board.

    • Using both hands, gently lift the motherboard from the case.

    • You have successfully removed the motherboard.

    • Be sure to put the board somewhere it will be safe when it is not being worked on.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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motherboard for a Beats Pill?

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Can someone tell me how I can replace the power connector on this item ? It's a stand alone price with the input output attached. Thanks

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how much is the replacement of main logic board?

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how i can buy Mothrboard this is my e mail

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