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  • Go to prepare

  • Click on bed level

  • Click z home

  • Now the bed will moves up, near the nozzle.

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  • Click on move to centre

  • Now look for gap between nozzle and bed.

  • For looking the gap, take a small paper and put the paper in between the bed and nozzle. If the paper is moving easily, you want to adjust the bed level. Else you don't want.

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  • You can see a big nut below the beds back side.

  • For adjusting the bed in all corner at the same time, you want to rotate in clockwise direction slowly to decrease the gap between the bed. To increase the cap, you want to rotate in anti clockwise direction.

  • NOTE: The bed gaping should be done on the basis of the paper placed in between the bed and nozzle

  • Check whether the paper is moving too freely or not, if it is moving too freely . You has to adjust it again.

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  • In bed level, click on move to corner 1

  • The nozzle will move to front left corner.

  • Now check the gaping of the nozzle and bed with the help of a paper, by checking whether the paper is moving freely or too much tightly

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  • If the paper is moving easily, there will be a nut in below to that corner. We want to adjust the nut.

  • Note: For moving up the bed, we want to loose the nut. For moving it down , we want to tight the nut.

  • Like in the same way , we want to check the four corner and adjust the bed if required.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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