You may need to replace the CD Drive if it is not working, or if you want a more advanced CD Drive. This is a fairly easy replacement, and there is not too much else you need to take off of the device in order to get the CD Drive out. The CD Drive is essentially its own entity, so there will not be any other parts that need to come out with it. There is no easy way to repair a CD Drive itself, so if you have determined that your drive is not working, the best option is going to be to replace the whole thing.

  1. Use a #0 Phillips screw driver to remove the 90mm screws from the outer case (6 screws).
    • Use a #0 Phillips screw driver to remove the 90mm screws from the outer case (6 screws).

    • Use a #0 Phillips screw driver to remove the 1.1cm screws from the outer case (4 screws).

    Screws are 9mm instead of 90mm.

    Also the 2 screws in the back corner (screen attachement side) have a slighlty bigger diameter (9mm in length as well) so they are not to be mixed with others 9mm lenght screws.

    Laurent Potterat - Reply

    thank you, thank you for your comment. It's the only place on the entire www that makes that clarification.

    river2438 -

    are these screw sizes accurate. im looking for 9mm and 11mm screws for the asus x555la laptop also whats the M size of the screw ? cant seem to find the right screws online.

    Matthew Bennett - Reply

  2. Use the plastic opening tool to separate the keyboard from the bottom cover.
    • Use the plastic opening tool to separate the keyboard from the bottom cover.

    • Start by prying on the front of the laptop.

    • Continue prying around the cover and end just under the screen to release the front cover.

    • The keyboard assembly is not fully released until steps three and four are complete.

    On my X555LA there seems to be a center snap or two that won't release. Edges are all free on all sides, but somewhere in the middle it's tied down with no give.

    tmaccabe - Reply

    It finally came loose, after one of two center snaps broke. It seems you are supposed to push the bezel slightly back towards screen as you start to lift it. Lift it too much at first, and they catch vigorously.

    tmaccabe -

    Yes I encountered this problem as well, there are 2 very annoying clips at the center of the keyboard, a little force will be required to release them.

    Nathan Early - Reply

    • Flip up the small white tab with the plastic opening tool.

    • This will release the lock

    • Gently remove the white ribbon cable.

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    • Flip up the gray tab with the plastic opening tool to release the lock.

    • Gently remove the black and blue ribbon cable.

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    • You can now fully remove the keyboard and front panel to gain access to the inside of the laptop.

    front panel and keyboard is saprate item ?


    single item

    deepak diggekar - Reply

    prise this keyboard

    deepak diggekar - Reply

    is pune india avalable

    deepak diggekar - Reply

    And how do you replace the actual keyboard - that's the key point missing here!

    Darren Wogan - Reply

    The keyboard and palm rest seem to need to be replaced as a single item. What about the mouse pad - this is a separate item, held on by three screws, which may well need to be swapped from the old keyboard and palm rest combination. However no mention is made of that here - why not? I thought IFixit was normally meant to be good with this sort of thing.

    Darren Wogan - Reply

    P.S. I bought a combined item (don’t even think about trying to do the keyboard alone). The mousepad does potentially need to be separated from the old keyboard rest and transferred to the new item. There are 3 screws to be undone - though these can be fiddly and stiff. Anyhow, mine was successfully replaced using this approach, including swapping the mousepad over as described.

    Darren Wogan - Reply

    • Using a #0 Phillips screw driver, remove the (50mm) black screw to the left of the CD Drive and to the right of the cooling fan.

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    • CD Drive should easily slide out.

    What is the thickness of the CD Drive ?)

    Тарас Кушик - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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