How to detach and reattach palmrest part (the plate with keyboard, touchpad, power button etc.)

Flip the laptop
  • Flip the laptop

  • Unlock and pull out the battery

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Locate and unscrew the screw under the rubber cover
  • Locate and unscrew the screw under the rubber cover

  • pop out the plastic cover

  • unscrew 5 screws marked in the picture (keep the screws separated by length and color)

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  • pop out the rubbers plugs (7) around the laptop

  • unscrew screws under the plugs

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  • remove 5 screws from the battery panel

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  • If you have removed screw C in step 3 (pointed at in the picture) you can pull out the optical drive

  • remove all 3 screws revealed by removing the drive

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  • flip laptop

  • pop open the speaker part

  • unplug speakers

  • remove 1 black screw on both sides

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  • using a plastic prying tool separate the front plate(keyboard) from the rest of the laptop

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  • gently lift the front plate

  • detach all four ribbons connecting the front plate to the motherboard

  • keep the light colored ribbon (it can be detached from the front plate as well)

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  • connect the new front plate in the same spots as the old one

  • if needed reconnect the light colored ribbon on both the front plate and the motherboard

  • push the new plate back in place, make sure all sides are in

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  • put back the black screws holding the front plate

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  • reconnect the speakers

  • push in place the whole speaker panel

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  • screw back the 3 screws in the optical drive slot

  • slide in the drive

  • secure with screw C (circled in second picture)

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  • put in place all screws in the back panel

  • the screw on the very left is the longest

  • push back in the plastic cover

  • return the silver screw covered by the rubber cover

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  • screw in the last 5 screws in the battery panel

  • push back in the battery

  • done!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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