This guide will show you how to replace your faulty battery.

Unplug your laptop from power adapter
  • Unplug your laptop from power adapter

  • Put your laptop face down on a hard surface

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Remove the screws on the access door
  • Remove the screws on the access door

  • Pull access door up and slide off

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  • Look for the black wire with the yellow tag

  • Carefully unplug the black cord with the yellow tag

    • This will successfully disconnect the battery

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  • Disconnect the four cables from the motherboard

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  • Unscrew the palm-rest screws

    • Eight 2.5mm x 8mm

    • Six 2.5mm x 10mm

    • Two 2.5mm x 18mm

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  • Separate the palm-rest from the laptop

  • Disconnect the power cord from the laptop to the palm-rest

  • Remove palm-rest

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  • Unplug the cables from the laptop

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  • Remove the six 2.5mm x 5mm screws that connect the battery to the laptop

  • Gently lift up and remove battery

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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