If the sound from your speakers is distorted or absent, you may need to replace the speakers. This guide will show you the step-by-by process of removing or replacing the speakers module on your Acer Iconia Tab A100 device.

  1. Start at any side of the tablet.
    • Start at any side of the tablet.

    • Begin to take apart the tablet ,with a plastic opening tool, along the sides of the tablet.

    • Work your way around the tablet.

    • There are four side pieces in total.

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  2. Placed on each end of the tablet are 4mm Philips screws.
    • Placed on each end of the tablet are 4mm Philips screws.

    • Unscrew the 4mm Phillips screws with a Phillips #00 Screwdriver.

    • There are five 4.0mm screws in total (including the 4mm Phillips screw at the bottom of the tablet).

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    • Carefully separate the back piece from the device using a plastic opening tool.

    • Remember to open along the entire perimeter of the tablet.

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    • Turn the tablet over to locate the battery.

    • Locate the large blue and black object at the bottom of the tablet with the plus and minus sign.

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    • Unscrew the 4mm screws located around the battery.

    • There are five in total.

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    • Locate the battery cables and the tip of a plastic spudger or opening tool to gently push the connector head out of its socket.

    • Use your fingers or the flat edge of a plastic opening tool to lift the battery up and off of the device.

    • Be sure to not have any water around the device while removing the battery.

    • Be sure to be cautious while removing the battery and remove carefully; avoid ripping the wires attached to the battery.

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    • Locate the speakers module, which consists of 2 square black speakers connected by wires.

    • Locate the white and blue Home Key FFC ribbon cable between the speakers.

    • Use the tip of a spudger or opening tool to lift up and flip the small hinge on the connector. Then gently pull the FFC ribbon cable out its connector socket.

      • While a metal spudger tool is shown here and may be used, it is best to use a plastic spudger or opening tool when possible. It is easier to damage cables when using metal tools, so be extra cautious when using a metal spudger like the one shown here!

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    • Locate the speaker cable. Use your fingers to pinch each side of the black head of the speaker cable, and gently pull it out of its socket.

    • The metal spudger shown in the photo is used only to identify the speaker cable, not remove it.

    • If you're unable to get a good grip on the black connector head itself, gently pull from the wires near the connector head's base.

      • Be sure to pull on the wires near the base and evenly on the full width of the wires so no individual wire is over-strained, which may cause damage!

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    • Unscrew the 4mm Phillips screws securing the speakers module to the device using a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

    • There are two 4mm screws in total (one screw securing each speaker).

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    • Now both speakers should be free. Use the edge of a spudger tool to lift each speaker off the device, or use your hands to simultaneously lift each square black speaker off of the device.

    • If intact, the two speakers should be connected by wires, forming a one-piece speakers module.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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