If the hard drive has broken or if you are planning on putting in an SSD hard drive, this guide will show you how.

Make sure the laptop is shut down.
  • Make sure the laptop is shut down.

  • Flip the laptop upside down with the battery facing towards your body and locate the battery lock circled in red.

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Use a small screwdriver or pen and place it into the battery lock as shown.
  • Use a small screwdriver or pen and place it into the battery lock as shown.

  • Gently slide it to the left until you hear the battery release.

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  • Pull the battery towards your body as shown in the picture.

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  • Remove all eighteen 8 mm Phillips #0 screws with a Phillips #0 screwdriver and set aside.

  • All of these screws are identical, 8 mm, Phillips #0 screws.

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  • Move around the edge with metal spudger and carefully pry apart the keyboard.

  • Once all edges are loose, do not remove the keyboard until after next step!

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  • Carefully detach the three ZIF ribbons connected to the motherboard by flipping up the white hinge.

  • Lift up on the keyboard and the whole top should come right off, including the touchpad.

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  • Locate the hard drive in the metal casing.

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  • Remove these two 4 mm Phillips #1 screws.

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  • Locate this ZIF ribbon and carefully flip the white top hinge up and bend the ribbon over to the right side.

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  • Slide the hard drive to the right and gently lift it off of the laptop.

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  • There is one screw on each side of the metal hard drive casing you remove.

  • Slide the hard drive out of the metal casing.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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You can't beat the internet when it comes to sorting out a problem.

Many thanks to the author of this guide, it really helped me out

Michael Lee - Reply

These are excellent clear instructions, well done and thank you

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Great directions. With visual ades too...nice.


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Thank you for the clear instructions, this is an excellent guide.

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Very helpful guide. Thanks for that! Only thing missing was a warning about where the plastic clips were around the body to make it easier to pop those without breaking the plastic tabs on some of them. Even that isn’t all that important really.

Michael King - Reply

Agreed, that would be very helpful

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I just updated the steps to show plastic clip locations

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