This replacement is difficult yet it probably will take you 30 minutes to an hour. Before beginning make sure you have the proper tools which are listed below and power down and unplug your device. After doing this you must put on an anti-static wrist wrap, this is in order to prevent damage to the device and its components. While going through the task of replacing your motherboard make sure you are very careful with the force you use and pulling out parts that are still connected. When removing the keyboard, be careful with the clips they will break if you are not. After prying the keyboard up do not completely lift it because the retention mechanism is still connected. Along with this, pressing too hard while dealing with the retention mechanism will lead to snapping the mechanism. The last thing to remember is just like the keyboard, you do not want to fully remove the motherboard. There is a cable on the underside and it can get damaged. If you have any further questions you may comment and we will respond as quickly as possible!

Use of an anti static wrist wrap is required to prevent damage to electronic devices.
  • Use of an anti static wrist wrap is required to prevent damage to electronic devices.

  • Power down and unplug your device before starting this guide.

  • Unscrew the two Phillips #0 screws.

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Lift and remove the cover panel using a spudger.
  • Lift and remove the cover panel using a spudger.

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  • Remove the single Phillips #0 screw holding the hard drive bracket.

  • Push the hard drive to the left using your hand so the hard drive is against there is no longer a gap.

  • Lift and remove the drive.

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  • Push the hard drive to the left using your hand so the hard drive is against there is no longer a gap.

  • Lift and remove the drive.

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  • Use a spudger to gently pry the black and white wires up and off of the wireless card.

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  • Move the battery catch to the "unlocked" position.

  • While pulling back the second battery lock, lift the battery.

  • Lift and remove the battery.

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  • Use a spudger to push in two of the clips directly above the top row of keyboard keys.

  • Do not press too forcefully on the clips because they may break.

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  • Use the spudger to gently pry up the portion of the keyboard where the clips have been pushed in.

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  • When a portion of the keyboard has been slightly lifted guide the spudger along the top and left/right sides in order to release it from all of the clips.

  • Do NOT completely lift the keyboard up. There is still a cable connected to the back which will get damaged.

  • Slowly lift the keyboard up at an angle.

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  • Flip the keyboard towards yourself and lay it down above the mouse area.

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  • Do not use too much force when releasing the ZIF connector.

  • Use a spudger to release the ZIF (zero insertion force) connector. Push each end of the black plastic towards the ribbon cable to release.

  • Remove the ribbon cable by hand from the ZIF connector.

  • Now the keyboard is completely free to be removed

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  • Remove the 10 Phillips #0 screws on the bottom cover.

  • Remove the 4 Phillips #00 screws from under the battery.

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  • Remove the 8 Phillips #0 screws from under the keyboard.

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  • Release the two ribbon cables from the ZIF connectors in the same fashion as in Step 11 with the black spudger.

  • Once the mechanism is released you may remove the cable by hand.

  • The plastic cover can now be easily lifted and removed from the rest of the laptop.

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  • Remove the two remaining ribbon cables as described in Step 11.

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  • Remove the display cable with the spudger by pushing each end of the cable out of the connector until it is loose enough to be pulled out by hand.

  • In a similar fashion as with the display cable use the spudger to remove the two power cables from the motherboard.

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  • Remove the 3 Phillips #0 screws from the fan bracket.

  • Lift the fan up and place it back down above the heatsink.

  • Do not fully remove the motherboard. As there is hidden cable on the underside that could be damaged.

  • The heatsink has a strip of adhesive on the underside securing it to the plastic body.

  • The motherboard can be lifted from the side and and then to the right to free the I/O port from the enclosure. Some force may be required to release the heatsink.

Can you help me out? I’m having trouble lifting up the fan. It seems to be stuck to the metal part near the vent on the side and I can’t figure out how to lift it, Any tips?

Diego Rios - Reply

  • Rotate the motherboard to the right and lay it down so that the copper heatsink is facing up and parallel with the bottom of the monitor.

  • In this position the last cable to the motherboard can be disconnected using the spudger to push each end out until loose enough to pull the cable completely out.

  • The motherboard can now be completely removed from the laptop enclosure.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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