This guide will first show you how to disassemble the interior of a Corolla 2010 to get to the AUX input. Then we are going to locate the component to be soldered (but be EXTRA CAREFUL when you solder).

Don't be afraid to use extra force to get these components to open.
  • Don't be afraid to use extra force to get these components to open.

  • 1) There is two side of the component to remove for the first picture

  • Before removing component in the third picture, there are two screws to be removed (one on each side).

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Pull the component out in the first picture with force!
  • Pull the component out in the first picture with force!

  • Reach underneath the white component connected to wire and along there, push to remove it from the AUX component (black rectangle thing)

  • Once the white component detached, simply push AUX component out (toward you).

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  • Apply pressure where the toothpick is pointing and remove the cap at the same time. (Can get tricky)

  • Finally, like the third picture, remove the AUX circuit with force but try to be gentle also.

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  • The center pin is located where the red circle is at on the picture

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  • Hold the soldering gun in one hand and the solder in another. Lightly touch them together where the pin is shown in previous step.

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  • Soldering does not have to be perfect as long as it connects the two pin we located in the previous picture.

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  • Insert wisdom here.

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Hopefully this guide will save you time if done correctly and will definitely save you money. Local Toyota shop will charge over $100 just for an inspection and that doesn't include repairing the AUX input.

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nice descriptions you could also wrap aluminum foil around the two middle prongs if you do not own or know how to solder

Gary Stone - Reply

Hello Gary,

How would wrap aluminum foil around it? I mean how would you stick it to the pins so it doesn’t fall?

mahmoudsayed48 -

It worked on my 2009 Corolla, thanks!

laith3 - Reply

You are the man! This is perfect, it defeats the automatic change source when the cable is removed thing. I think what was happening is that the contacts on the plug got old and dirty and the radio was seeing very short disconnections, like a millisecond and was thinking that the cable was removed and switching inputs. This mod makes the radio think that the cable is always plugged in so it stays on the aux input, it's the way the radio should have been designed. The aux connection stays stable and it works perfectly, everyone should do this mod!

Alex Dzwill - Reply

Much appreciated! I was getting so frustrated with this issue, very glad you put this guide together. I had some trouble trying to remove the AUX circuit from it’s protective housing, but then realized you don’t need to. So I pulled it out just enough to solder the 2 pins then put it right back in.

Keith Perkins - Reply

You are awesome. This also worked for my 2009 Camry.

marvic247 - Reply

Thanks! Shorting those two pins resolved my issue of not being able to select AUX audio source on a 2010 RAV4’s radio.


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