The speaker can sometimes stop working and must be replaced to continue to hear noise from the tablet.

  1. Remove screws.
    • Remove screws.

    • Insert spudger tool on the middle of the left side, between the white and black plastic.

    • Slide in a plastic opening tool and use it to further pull the back off.

    • Work your way around the edge of the tablet with the plastic opening tool and insert more as needed.

    • Pull off the back cover.

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  2. Plug in soldering iron and let it warm up for ten minutes.
    • Plug in soldering iron and let it warm up for ten minutes.

    • Locate the speaker solder points and note where it is attached to the motherboard.

    • Solder the old speaker out of its mark. (Touch the tip of the solder iron to the soldering point).

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    • Solder the new speaker onto the points where the old speaker was.

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    • Replace the back cover with the new rear speaker unit in place.

    • Gently press the speaker into place.

    • Don't let the volume rocker unit fall out of place.

    • Replace the screws.

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