follow this step your can easy replace the air condition without any tools.


Image 1/2: 打开手套厢,抓住两侧往里推,直至两边卡扣松开为止。 Image 2/2: 打开手套厢,抓住两侧往里推,直至两边卡扣松开为止。
  • open the glove box and push it from both left and right side to unsnatch it.

  • 打开手套厢,抓住两侧往里推,直至两边卡扣松开为止。

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Image 1/2: 将圆柱往左推,就可以松开手套厢了 Image 2/2: 将圆柱往左推,就可以松开手套厢了
  • push the column to unbind the glove box

  • 将圆柱往左推,就可以松开手套厢了

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Image 1/3: 打开空调滤清盒子两旁的卡扣,然后抽出空调滤清 Image 2/3: 打开空调滤清盒子两旁的卡扣,然后抽出空调滤清 Image 3/3: 打开空调滤清盒子两旁的卡扣,然后抽出空调滤清
  • open the clips aside from air condition,and pull the filter

  • 打开空调滤清盒子两旁的卡扣,然后抽出空调滤清

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Image 1/1:
  • new vs old! 哈哈

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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