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The idler arm is an essential part of the steering and suspension system on a truck. If the idler arm is not functioning correctly, then it will eventually completely break and leave the truck unable to be steered. This guide will take you through how to replace a bad arm.

  1. First the truck should be prepared to be worked on.
    • First the truck should be prepared to be worked on.

      • Disconnect the negative battery terminal from the battery in order to be sure that no electrical current is running through the truck.

      • Set the parking break and put the truck in 1st gear.

      • Be sure to chock the wheels, so that it will not roll while you are underneath.

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  2. Locate the idler arm.
    • Locate the idler arm.

    • It can be found underneath the vehicle, next to the front passenger tire bolted onto the frame.

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    • The first step is to remove the set nut holding the arm to the relay rod.

      • Begin with cleaning any oil and dirt from the set nut and then spray with the penetrating lubricant.

      • Once the spray has sat for 5 minutes, use needle nose pliers to straighten the cotter pin and pull it out.

        • During reassembly, never reuse a cotter pin. A new one should be included in a new arm. If a new arm is not purchased then one can be purchased from an auto parts store.

      • Remove the set nut using a 19 mm socket.

      • When installing the arm this nut should be torqued to 43 ft.-lb.

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    • Now that the relay rods are disconnected, the arm can be unbolted from the frame.

    • Spray both the bolts and the nuts with the penetrating lubricant.

      • On the bolt head use the breaker bar and 17 mm socket; put the 17 mm box wrench on the nut on the back side of the arm.

        • The wrench will get stuck on the frame and the breaker bar can then be used to break the rust off the bolt holding it onto the frame.

      • Once the bolt is loose a socket wrench can replace the breaker bar to make the job easier.

      • The (2) 4 1/4" bolts go on either side of the arm. The (1) 3 1/2" bolt goes at the top.

      • All three bolts should be torqued to 70 ft-lb when putting the arm back on.

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    • To separate the arm from the relay rods, a hammer may be used to gently tap up on the idler arm.

      • Do not hit down on the relay rods; doing so may cause damage and require them to be replaced.

    • A pitman arm puller can be used if the hammer is not able to knock it loose.

    • The idler arm can now be removed from the frame.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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