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WiFi on my iPhone 3G stopped working

Flag Reply by gtmorais

<p>Hi,</p> <p>the wi-fi on my iphone 3g just stopped working, it can´t find any network, while people here with iphone 3g can find many networks.</p> <p>I´ve made no updates to my iphone, only installed new apps/games.</p> <p>I´m running 3.0 iphone OS jailbroken, and everything else is working fine, including 3g network and gps. I tried to fix it via software, restored its default, but nothing worked.</p> <p>Does anyone here have replaced the wi-fi or its flex cable? If anyone have any information about this, i´ll be glad.</p> <p>Thanks,</p> <p>Guilherme - From Brazil</p>

Flag Reply reply by brendone

<p>Also i have the same problems... If you have garancy of your iphone, you can go to an apple store, they'll change you..</p> <p>Much people has the same problems, and here i haven't found a resolution's guide to this problem..</p>

Flag Reply reply by gtmorais

<p>The same thing is happening to bluetooth, it finds other devices but don´t get connected, even wi-fi, sometimes it ask if I want to connect to a network, but don´t get connected, I think its only the antenna...</p> <p>I have warranty but in Brazil they don´t want to replace my iphone, our consumer protection here is very weak</p>

Flag Reply reply by richi80

<p>I'm suffering the same issue since 3 weeks ago, today I updated to 3.1.2 (Jailbreak) but it's not the solution.</p>

Flag Reply reply by gtmorais

<p>I can almost guarantee it is an overheating issue, lots of people are suffering the same thing. Someone's at Apple discussion forum fixed it putting the iphone on the freezer, but its not a real fix. Apple has stolen us.</p>

Flag Reply reply by WFGJ

<p>my wifi on the iphone 3G is not working</p> <p>the silent on/off switch when turned off, if you press the phone body on top left it keeps going on and off</p> <p>the head phone jack has a problem that the mic does not work but the headphones work</p> <p>anyone has a solution to this problem</p>

Flag Reply reply by Tommy

<p>So???????</p> <p>what about this problem?? Is possible to change the wifi antenna??</p> <p>I'm not in warranty (out for 2 weeks), so the apple care told me that I can change (for the second time) my iphone with one refurbished, at the $@!&amp;@@$ price of 210 euros...</p> <p>I'm not so happy about the customer care of apple. they change me the iphone the 1st time with a refurbished one with the battery down... and now I need a new one because the battery life is about 5 hours and the wifi doesn't work.. I've to pay??? 90 days for the extended warranty is too less.</p> <p>Well.. If somebody knows how to change the wifi antenna, just tell me something, in the meanwhile I'll change the battery. thx a lot. Tommy</p>

Flag Reply reply by olsonm

<p>As strange as this sounds.... I have found that if you go to settings and turn on Airplane mode and turn off Wi-Fi then go to /General/Networ<wbr />k and turn off all of the settings: Enable3G/Data Roaming/Wifi ect. reboot your iPhone and turn Airplane settings back Off as well as turning your 3G and WI-FI back on to your original settings...I have seen the Wifi start working... It's more of a corrupt Preference Issue at times than a Hardware... it's a quickfix.. that can save you money...were all about saving money...</p>

Flag Reply reply by JamesF

<p>I've encountered a similar problem... My wifi does not seem to pick up any network. I'm thinking this is more of a hardware issue where the antenna has disconnect from the motherboard or is just broken. I'm not keen on opening up my iPhone so unless anyone has a different suggestion I think I'm going to take it to apple and eat the 199 fee.</p>

Flag Reply reply by william

<p>Where is the wifi antenna located on the iPhone 3G? I want to open my phone and see if it came loose</p>

Flag Reply reply by eddie

<blockquote class="long"><p class="quoted">Quote from brendone:</p> <p>Also i have the same problems... If you have garancy of your iPhone, you can go to an apple store, they'll change you.. Much people has the same problems, and here i haven't found a resolution's guide to this problem..</p> </blockquote> <blockquote class="long"><p class="quoted">Quote from william:</p> <p>Where is the wifi antenna located on the iPhone 3G? I want to open my phone and see if it came loose</p> </blockquote> <p>i need wo know</p>

Flag Reply reply by eddie

<p>me two i need two know ?</p>

Flag Reply reply by amlco

<p>I returned several iPhone 3g handsets, each time they were replaced (for refurbished) and each time the same thing happened, broken wifi. Turned out the cable on the charger was slightly frayed. It charged properly and transferred data for backups etc, but fried the wifi chips.</p> <p>Apple had replaced handsets but left me with the original data cable and plug. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out what was going wrong with the handsets. After ruling out software updates, magnetic fields etc, I bought a new charger/data cable.</p> <p>Lo and behold - no problems!</p> <p>If Apple store had given me a complete replacement first time (including cables and charger) it would have saved two subsequent handsets from fried wifi chips.</p>

Flag Reply reply by whatever

<p>here is the solution:</p> <p>Turn on your iphone and reboot with 3 second shut down setup as mentioned by apple. Press and hold the top button for 3 seconds and then press home key. Wait for apple logo to appear. Once completely shut down. Turn on itunes on your computer and sync your iphone. Make sure to backup your data first. Once your iphone is sync only tick off the ipod songs and camera roll option. Then restart your iphone and go to settings then general then reset and click on reset all network settings. Please note that if you have turn on passcode on your iphone you have to shut that before starting this step.</p> <p>This will erase all your network cache. Reboot iphone one more time and this time make sure to keep pressing the home button for 3 seconds only when you see the apple logo appear. If your timing goes wrong here I am afraid you have to do the steps again. Its frustrating but thanks to apple for putting us through all this crap.</p> <p>Hope this all helps.</p> <p>Make sure to reach your office or school on time if you are trying this at night</p> <p>Bingooooo wifi fixed :)</p> <p>cheers</p>

Flag Reply reply by tONY

<p>i need to know what caused my 3g iphone to just quit working. It has never been dropped or in the water...strange<wbr />...? I need answer..anyone please help?</p>

Flag Reply reply by tommygrenade

<p>same issue here. it happens if u update your modem firmware from whatever it was to the latest version to date: 4.2.1. apple, of course, has a serious issue at hand but offers no fix to the problem. some may work wit these fixes but most dont. u can keep resetting and rebooting all you want and it still might not work and on top of that, if u dont do a back-up often, then your data will be lost.</p>

Flag Reply reply by teresa

<p>Ive got the complete solution to al your problems. the same thing happened to me.the frustration right....anyway the solution ...turn it off sell it and get an android. the arent so troublesome.</p>

Flag Reply reply by geraldine

<p>i cant use the wifi option. it shows on the screen no wifi. i can not tap the wifi option, its not working</p>

Flag Reply reply by Don Armond

<p>Tried the solutionz on here... still not workin =\</p>

Flag Reply reply by cleston winters

<p>wifi stop working how much will it cost to fix</p>

Flag Reply reply by rafael quartier

<p>my wi fi on my iphone stop working i can't fine any netwok even my bleutooth stop working how can fix it</p>

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