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Revision to iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2 GHz

Walter Galan

[[iBook G4 12" Troubleshooting|iBook G4 12" Troubleshooting Guide]]
== Upgrades ==
There are a number of components in the iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2GHz can be cost effectively upgraded.
* '''Memory:''' The iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2GHz has one RAM slot. You can add up to 512 MB of memory to your computer. Browse the [link|/Products/G4-12-Inch-iBook/RAM/11/83|RAM] category, or check out our easy [guide|156|iBook RAM installation instructions].
* '''Hard Drive:''' Try a blazing-fast 7200 RPM drive. Browse our [link|/Products/G4-12-Inch-iBook/Hard-Drives/7/83|hard drives] and upgrade today. Oh, and with our tools and instructions, you can even [guide|166|install it yourself]!
* '''Optical Drive:''' The [link|/iBook-Parts/iBook-G4-12-Inch-24x-Combo-Drive/IF183-028|24x Combo Drive] allows you to read both CDs and DVDs and write CDs. Browse our optical drive category for additional [link|/Products/G4-12-Inch-iBook/Optical-Drives/15/83|optical drives]. [guide|167|Install] your new optical drive yourself, the easy way.

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