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Revision to Toshiba Satellite A210

Homar Huizar

+== Troubleshooting ==
+Solutions to common problems with the Toshiba Satellite A210 can be found [[Toshiba Satellite A210 Troubleshooting|here.]]
+== Upgrades ==
+== Identification and Background ==
+== Additional Information ==
+* ['s20Guide.pdf&ei=nNd5UamjNoW9iwLlsIDwDA&usg=AFQjCNHpBNyVv6sFlvyPN15K5YPDhuHvWg&bvm=bv.45645796,d.cGE&cad=rja|Toshiba User Manual]
+* [,d.cGE&cad=rja|Maintenance Manual]
+* [|Toshiba Satellite A210 Specifications]
+* [|Toshiba Satellite A210 Disassembly]

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