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Revision to Sony Ericsson Z500a

Jory Benitez

== Teardown ==
Step 1
Remove back cover.
Step 2
Remove battery.
Step 3
Rotate the phone 180 degrees, using your index finger press corner
with your nail, go to center slot and push down to eject simcard.
Step 4
Using a T6 precision screwdriver, remove the two top and bottom
Step 5
Rotate the phone 180 degrees and flip it over.
Step 6
Place thumbs on top of the phone and push down to remove the face
of the phone.
Step 7
Using the T6 precision screwdriver, remove the two top and bottom
Step 8
Flip open the phone and then flip it over. Take your iPod opening tool and run it in between the phone case and phone body to loosen the key pad. (Note: there are to clamps that lock it to the phone case)
Step 9
Flip the phone over and remove key pad straight up.
Step 10
Close the phone, flip it over, grab the remaining gray covering of the phone and pull it straight up. CAUTION: there is another piece below this that is connected to the phone, so if you don’t pull it straight it will break.
Step 11
Flip the phone over and using the iPod opening tool, place it under the hinge guard, lever down, move it around and pull up to remove the
hinge guard.
Step 12
Open phone. Place the iPod opening tool on edge of the yellow
rectangle and hinge down to remove the yellow and black connectors.
Step 13
Remove key pad.
Step 14
Remove simcard reader located at the bottom of the phone.
Step 15
To remove green thing, grip the outside of the rubber part and pull
straight up. CAUTION: Do not pull on the two golden strips.
Step 16
Flip the phone over. Using the iPod opening tool unlock both sides of
screen cover and run tool along the edge of the phone body lifting up
and pushing down.
Step 17
Flip phone 90 degrees and grab screen cover and pull bottom edge out
while top is still connected.
Step 18
The screen is taped down to the phone body so remove first (its not
needed) on the top of the screen there is a finger notch where you can hinge the screen out. Caution: the back of the screen is connected to the base of the phone. So do not pull out or the connection will be broken.
Step 19
Take your iPod opening tool and remove the connector like you
removed the other connectors.
Step 20
To remove the square metal cover, take your fingernail or iPod tool
and gently lift it off.
Step 21
Remove the camera connector like you removed the others.
Step 22
Caution: The camera is connected to another metal square piece by a
tack weld. Take your iPod opening tool and place it between the camera and the metal part and gently remove the camera with out breaking the tack weld.
Step 23. Take a pair of tweezers and grip the metal box and pull out. It is hard because it is attached by glue.
Step 24. To remove the speaker take your iPod opening device and place it so that you can get underneath the speaker and lift up.
== Support Questions ==

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