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[summary]Machine-readable instructions that direct computer processors to download and render images of cats from the internet.[/summary]
== Background and Identification ==
Computers may seem magical, but they’re actually a bit dumb once you leave the grasp of the marketing department. At a fundamental level, computers execute simple instructions given by humans like ''add these two numbers'' or ''move this number to a different spot''. All software is made from these basic instructions, which can be put together in just the right way to [|play a video] or simulate the physics of a car crash.
The first software was written by [|Ada Lovelace] in the 1840s. Since the algorithm she designed was only theoretical and the computer she was working with was never built, her ideas were never tested. Women like [|Kathleen Booth] and [|Grace Hopper] worked on early software in the 1940s by routing cables between various inputs and outputs. [|Marget Hamilton] wrote software for the U.S. Apollo space missions which was presented to the computer as a series of wires and magnets.
Software comes in a variety of flavors. First, there are applications or “apps,“ which are standalone programs that you can download, buy, install, and delete. Common applications include word processors for typing papers, web browsers for visiting [|], and video games for relaxing. Applications can’t run without an operating system—abbreviated as “OS“—to provide the foundations. The most common operating systems for laptops and desktop computers are Windows, macOS, and Linux. Most smartphones use either iOS or Android. You can go to [|this website] to see what OS you are using currently.
== Additional Information ==
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