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Morgan B

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[title|Skullcandy UPROCK Repair]
[summary]Skullcandy UPROCK Headphones S5urfz-390 were released in 2003. This device is compatible with devices such as laptops, smartphones, mp3 players, and tablet devices. Repair for this device is straightforward and requires only common tools.[/summary]
== Troubleshooting ==
For more information on common problems associated with Skullcandy UPROCK, visit
[[Skullcandy UPROCK Headphones Troubleshooting|Skullcandy UPROCK S5URFZ-390]]
== Identification and Background ==
The UPROCK S5urfz-390 model has tangle-resistant flat cables and a low-profile look. This UPROCK model was designed with the user in mind. Not only do the dual-layered pillowed cushions provide maximized comfort to the user, but the adjustable headband also provides the user with custom flexibility. Notably, this model does not feature a skull-cross logo on the adjustable headband or an in-line mic.
== Specifications ==
''' Height ''': 6 inches
''' Width ''': 7 inches
''' Depth ''': 3 inches
''' Weight ''': 0.5 pounds
''' Cord Length ''': 4.3 feet
''' Connector Size ''': 1/8 in. (3.5mm)
''' Driver Size ''': 40 millimeters
''' Impedance ''': 32 ohms
''' Magnet Type ''': Neodymium
''' Maximum Frequency Response ''': 20 kilohertz
== Additional Information ==
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