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Revision to Samsung Galaxy J3

Makayla Williams

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[title|Samsung Galaxy J3 Repair]
[summary]Samsung smart device released in January 2016.[/summary]
== '''Troubleshooting''' ==
For any issues you may be having with you smart phone, visit this [[Samsung Galaxy J3 Troubleshooting|troubleshooting page]]
== '''Background Information''' ==
The Samsung Galaxy J3 was initially released in January of 2016. This smart phone is one of many Galaxy devices made by Samsung. This device operates on an android system and featuring 4G LTE connection. The screen size is 5 inches and is lightweight. The battery life offers 26 hours of talk time.
There are many Samsung Galaxy devices, including a newer version of the J3 from 2017, but this device is just as reliable as any other Samsung device.
== '''Additional Information''' ==
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