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Claire Franz

== Background and Identification ==
-Radios are devices used to pick up and transmit electromagnetic radio signals. Radio first became popular in the early 1900s, and is still a prevalent form of communication to this day.
+Radio technology refers to using radio waves for communication and signaling. Radio waves are electromagnetic waves that, when used with a transmitter and receiver, can wirelessly transmit messages. Radio technology is used for television broadcasting, radio broadcasting, two-way voice communication (like cell phones), one-way voice communication (like baby monitors), space communication, radar, radiolocation, remote control, and more.
+Radios themselves are devices that detect radio waves with antennas and convert the radio wave signal to an audible message. Radios can provide users with access to numerous different radio stations, including news stations, music stations, talk shows, etc. Car radios are often present in automobiles, providing users with broadcasting entertainment on the go.
+Portable, emergency radios are also a popular device in modern times. They are often attached to a hand crank and sometimes include solar panels, giving users a method to power the radio when the power goes out.
+Radios vary greatly in structure. They are usually designed to sit flat on a desk, counter, or tabletop. Radios are often rectangular and box-like in structure but not always. They often include a power cord, an antenna, and, importantly, a speaker. Radios are manufactured by a wide range of companies and come in numerous colors.
== Additional Information ==
-* [|Wikipedia: Radio|new_window=true]
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+* [|Radios (Best Buy)]

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