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Revision to Propel Gyro-X

Sarah Atmadja

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[title|Propel Gyro-X Repair]
[summary]The Propel Gyro-X is a RC helicopter equipped with dual rotors and a built in gyro stabilizer. It was manufactured by Propel in the year 2014. Possible model colors are red and green plastic covers, with a black body.[/summary]
== Troubleshooting ==
Is your Gyro-X helicopter not working correctly? If so check out the [[Propel Gyro-X 3.5 Channel Troubleshooting|troubleshooting page]] for help.
== Background and Identification ==
The Propel Gyro-X helicopter is a dual rotor remote controlled toy, equipped with a built in head light and a Gyro stabilizer chip for extra stability during flight.
Purchase of the Propel Gyro-X includes a wireless remote controller, two replacement propellers, three replacement stabilizer connectors, a getting started manual, and a safety manual.
The Propel Gyro-X helicopter has a shipping weight of 1.6 pounds. It is distinguishable from similar models by its slim landing gear, as other models, such as the IR, will have fatter and stouter landing gears with holes in the frame.
The Gyro-X 3.5 channel has a plastic body cover in the front, which is attached at 4 points. The tail rotor is pointed directly upward, with two landing legs directly attached to the bottom of the helicopter.
== Additional Information ==
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